Welcome to the site for the 2nd Workshop on Cognitive Architectures for Social Human-Robot Interaction, which was held on Monday the 7th of March 2016, at the HRI conference 2016, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The contributed papers + presentations are now available from the Proceedings tab. The support slides of the workshop (corresponding to the six questions we discussed during the workshop) are also online.

Social HRI requires robots able to use appropriate, adaptive and contingent behaviours to form and maintain engaging social interactions with people. Cognitive Architectures emphasise a generality of mechanism and application, making them an ideal basis for such technical developments. Following the successful first workshop on Cognitive Architectures for HRI at the 2014 HRI conference, this second edition of the workshop focusses specifically on applications to social interaction. Participants are invited to submit short position papers (2-4 pages) following the guidance available on the workshop website. Brief participant presentations will be used to support extensive and structured discussions, with the aim of supporting the development and application of cognitive architectures to social HRI systems. A follow-up special issue will be organised to consolidate the progress made in the workshop. By attending, we envisage that participants will gain insight into how the consideration of cognitive architectures complements the development of autonomous social robots.

This is the second version of the workshop: the first incarnation was held at HRI'14 (Bielefeld, Germany). Details and papers may be found at the following: