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CoffinWood Manor
730 9th st Washougal WA

Open Friday & Saturdays from Dust till 11 PM plus Halloween night AND November 1st & 2nd!!

History of CoffinWood Manor
and of Dr. Mortimer J. CoffinWood pph

Grandpa CoffinWood was born around 1785 in England
and lived during a time where torture was commonplace

Mortimer's parents were born around 1805

Mortimer would have been born around 1825
There were many outbreaks of disease for centuries due to poor sanitation issues and in 1830's Europe had Cholera and Typhoid

When Mortimer was 4 or 5, he was sent to live with his grandfather when his parents fell ill... when they died, he was stuck there.

When Mortimer's parents died, Grandpa was distraught after losing his only son and took little Mortimer out of Europe to the new world vowing to keep the last of his heritage and name sake safe at ALL costs! Safe from disease and the corrupt in general society, especially those nasty diesease carrying women!! Can't trust those girls! The boy must be sheltered and the corrupt be locked away and disposed of.

when Grandpa died, Mortimer was devastated to lose the only family he knew, as well as his only friend (being so sheltered) so he kept his passing a secret and kept his remains with him.

He hid grandpa's withered remains in a box marked books and headed west around 1850 to start a new life after the authorities began sniffing around. He built a shrine to his beloved Grandfather deep in the dungeon and has the rotted remains proudly on display.

Raised with the belief that all of humanity was inherently evil,
Mortimer carried on his Grandfather's quest to sanitize the world.
He went to medical school, became a Dr. and set out to find a medical reason for why people had become so corrupt and sinful.
Mortimer would conduct experiments on both the living and the dead. Anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path was kidnapped and locked away in the dungeon and tortured in an effort to get them to confess their sins.

Once a confession was gained, they must be punished and eventually killed.

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