Mischka's Through The Years

The building that Mischka's Cafe resided in up until the 90's has always remained a coffee shop. The building was located at 193 Park Avenue. Although the building has changed names many times, locals never gave up hope. As soon as one cafe closed down, another owner took over and renamed the place. 
    Locals still go to the Quarry Cafe which is what resides in the building now. The inside of the building still looks like Mischka's did 20 years ago. This shows how much locals love the original Amherst, and the cafe will always bring back sweet memories no matter what the name is. The building is reported as one of the oldest buildings still in use today.

George Brothers Ice Cream Parlor 1914-1930

    George Brothers Ice Cream Parlor
 was the first in the chain of coffee 
businesses that resided at 193 Park Ave. 
It was mainly an ice cream shop, but it could also 
have been considered a place to get coffee in the winter. 

Mischka's 1930-1994

Julie Ann Cafe 1995-1996
    Julie Ann Cafe was a short lived experience. 
The owners left many old items from Mischka's 
in the restaurant to keep history alive. 
"I kept the pieces of the past," said the owner Linda Passanisi. 5
The cafe was Victorian themed and the Quarry Cafe which 
currently resides here kept that theme going. The restaurant
 was aimed to keep locals interested in the business. 
The owners really cared about keeping the regulars at home.

Quarry Cafe 19??-Present
    The Quarry Cafe followed closely after the 
Julie Ann Cafe. The cafe stuck with the same 
look as the cafe before. The restaurant is 
focused on locals. They are only open until 2 
in the afternoon so their locals can come for their 
morning cup of coffee.

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