Welcome to the scholarship program of the El Salvador Coffee Communities Fund!


We were able to support 26 students with a total of $3,300 in scholarships for the 2009-2010 school year!  We are so grateful for your donations.  

A donation to the scholarship program makes a wonderful and meaningful gift!

If you would like to donate as a gift, please make your donation online, then email Meryl.Olson@gmail.com to let us know in whose name you would like to make the gift.
* Print out gift cards to explain your gift to the recipient! Download gift cards from the "news" section.

We continue to sell Fair Trade coffee and chocolate with the help of our partner, Just Coffee.  Please check out the "News" section for details!

The scholarship program of the El Salvador Coffee Communities Fund provides scholarships to children of members of the ACOES coffee cooperative in Tacuba, El Salvador. Through this program, you can support a student to continue their education. The scholarship program focuses on children in grades 7-12, who are most in need of financial support due to the higher cost of school supplies and the increased pressure on them to work to support their families.

This scholarship fund is a program of the El Salvador Coffee Communities Fund managed by the Agroecology and Rural Livelihoods research group a the University of Vermont. The Coffee Communities Fund also supports technical assistance for coffee farmers and research and service learning by UVM students in Tacuba. If you would like to support these other activities, please visit the general Coffee Communities Fund webpage.


The Association of Organic Coffee Producers of Western El Salvador (ACOES) has 29 members, the majority of whom are more than fifty years old and possess a first or second grade education. It is for this reason that ACOES coffee farmers in Tacuba  are seeking help to educate their children with the support of two University of Vermont doctoral students. The goal is to provide scholarships for the youth who have aspirations to continue studying so they may apply their advanced knowledge and skills to help their families and the community.

    -Oscar Ortiz, agronomist and technical advisor to ACOES                                      (translated from Spanish by Katlyn Stillings Morris)