Downloading .NZB Files

Easy Way To Use .NZB files In Linux

I am making this short guide to understanding .NZB files found in Usenet Groups. I for one found all this a liitle confusing at first so hopefully this little guide, written in layman's terms, will help simplify the process.

What exactly is a .NZB file?

Very simply put....  it's a document. And this document tells your Newsreader to go to a group and download a certain collection of files that are offered, which eventually when put together will create one usable file, a movie, game, application,  etc.

 But why is this needed?

 Well in Usenet there is a file size limit. You can't just put up a 700 MB movie for downloading. So the movie (as an example) is broken up in many small files. A typical movie in Usenet might be broken up in 150+ files. The .NZB document tells your Newsreader to go collect them all.

OK, how do I start?

Download a Newsreader that supports .NZB files. My favorite in Linux (and VERY easy to use) is Pan Newsreader. You will find it in Synaptic Package manager. Naturally you need to be a subscriber to Usenet. Most ISP's give you free access. Open your Newsreader, put in the server info, your ISP password and your set!

 How do I find .NZB files? Is it free to download them?

I won't go into a lot of detail here, a quick Google search will help you a lot. But, to get you started, an excellent site to browse and download .NZB documents for free is 

Remember though they do not host the actual files only the .NZB document that points to the files you need.

OK I downloaded an .NZB file, so what next?

It was probably saved in a RAR folder. Extract it. Now you have the .NZB document. Next open your Newsreader. Then, File ----> Import .NZB. Browse to where you saved the .NZB document. Then it will ask you where you want to save the files. My advice is create a new folder first to save the downloaded files since there will be so many. Your Newsreader will start downloading all the files you need.

That folder I created is now full of RAR files

Yep.... after everything is finished (and it might be several hours depending on the total files) you will have lot of RAR files. Simply go to the first one (might be RAR01 or something) select EXTRACT ALL and it will UNRAR all the files to create one (or more) final, usable, finished AVI, ISO, VOB or whatever you were downloading.

Is this better or faster than torrents or P2P?

Not really. It's simply another avenue to find whatever you might be looking for. And (for now) is a more private method of downloading although a little more work is involved. 

Is this page for Windows users too?

Yes but since I don't use a Newsreader in Windows I don't know which one to recommend. There are many out there and again a quick search on Google is your best bet. You will also need a program to UNRAR folders like Winrar or 7Zip.

And That's pretty much it.....

I hope this little guide helped you out.....