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Pod & Vidcasting

Podcasting - Definition From Wikipedia
A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually either digital audio or video, that is made available for download via web syndication. The syndication aspect of the delivery is what differentiates podcasts from other ways of accessing files, such as simple download or streaming: it means that special client software applications known as podcatchers (such as Apple Inc.'s iTunes or Nullsoft's Winamp) can automatically identify and retrieve new files in a series when they are made available, by accessing a centrally-maintained web feed that lists all files currently associated with that particular podcast. The files thus automatically downloaded are then stored locally on the user's computer or other device, for offline use.

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Podcast - a series of audio or media files pushed out to users
RSS - Really Simple Syndication is a way to push content out from your site to a user so they can store the video or audio and watch it later.
Syndicate - to publish simultaneously, or supply for simultaneous publication, a series of information
Streaming - multimedia that is constantly received and played by a user at the same time it is delivered by a streaming provider. The name refers to the delivery method of the medium rather than to the medium itself in which a constant 'stream' of data is sent from the host to the user. 
Buffer - A certain amount of data that is received, processed and stored before playback begins.
Create a weekly note to parents about what you are studying in class. 
Have a podcast review for every test.
Podcast your lectures. (This is great, but labor intensive)
Have the kids create podcasts of events in your class.
Use it to advertise fundraisers, school store specials, or the lunch menu.
Things to think about
The big difference is with podcast from just publishing audio or video files on the web, is the ability to syndicate what you have created and push it out on a regular basis to the user.  The word podcasting gets used with any media placed up on the web including that which is just streamed. By RSS allows the media to be stored on a users machine.  That allows them to listen without an internet connection or waiting for the computer to buffer each segment like they would in a stream. 

Media Formats
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