What personal quality's do you need in the Navy?
You need to be healthy, reliable, have a high fitness level, have the ability to stay at sea for days without getting sea sick too much.   .... will add more

What are the fitness requirements?
I know that they expect you to be rather fit and they make you keep fit.

What are the math requirements?
I think it might be just basic year 10 maths for some jobs but I'm not sure. I think I seen something on about it.

How hard is it to get in?
I wouldn't have a clue and there might be something on the net.

How hard is it to pass the training?
It all depends on who you are. I know there is a fitness and a mental test so if you're mentally strong enough and fit enough it should be easy.

Where do you train?
At HMAS Cerberus on Western Port Bay in Victoria.

How do you train?
You go through a fitness test a mental test and the training for what ever job you want. It could be easy or hard depending on who you are.