About Australian Navy

What is the Australian Navy?
The Australian Navy is basically the part of the Australian Defense that patrols the sea. It also helps the people out with problems like floods.

What would the world be like with no defense force?
If there was no defense force there would be no one to protect our country and there would be a lot more drugs getting into the country. A lot more people would die in war because Australia would have no one to defend us.More ...

How bigger Navy does Australia need?
A rather big one because the sea around Australia is massive. They need people to fight wars, patrol the sea for things like drugs, murders and things like that.(OK, that's the first run Cody ... )

What is the purpose of the Navy?
To patrol the waters because crime still happens out at sea. To assist with things like flooding and to protect the country. To protect the country in war.

How active is the Navy?
The Navy is always active if there is no war on they will still be patrolling the waters for people committing crimes. They even go around searching for old mines in the sea or bombs on land left there from the world wars.

Who are the main people in the Navy?
Well the main people in the navy would be the highest rank so in order from lowest to highest:

How many bases are there?
There are 11 bases - Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Nowra, Jervis Bay, Western Port, Adelaide and Hobart.