Is joining the Navy a good idea for me?

Where could I live if I joined?
Where do I join?
Why do I want to join the navy? Mostly because I just want to experience the military life and go out at sea.
How old do you have to be? 18+ (Passed year 12 in most and year 10 in some jobs).
What's the pay like? The pay varies depending on what job you do and it increases on how many years you spend in the Navy or what rank you are.
If you sign up do you have to stay? After you complete your training you can decide if you want to be in the Navy or live a civilian life. But if you are actually working for them you have to wait for your contract to run out if you want to go. 
Is navy for everyone? It all depends if they're willing to take time away from their normal life. But there are jobs to suit just about everyone.

Being in the Navy:

How much of the year are you at sea?
Do you get paid a certain amount of money if you get injured?
How can I connect my other interests?
How will I handle the chain of command? I would probably be fine with them, I usually do what people tell me.
How long dose it take to become a high rank? It can take years and it all depends how much of a hard worker you are.
What are the worst things about being in the navy? Less time to do the things you like outside of the Navy. Harder to have a family. 
What are the best things about being in the navy? Good support to get fit and healthy.
What is it like being at sea for days?

About Australian Navy:
What is the navy?
What's the history of Australian navy?
What has been written about the navy in the media lately?
How dose things in the navy effect the world?
What would the world be like with no defense force?
Where did the navy first start?
How bigger navy does Australia need?
When did the navy begin? The history of the Royal Australian Navy can be traced back to 1788.
What is the purpose of the navy? To patrol the waters because crime still happens out at sea. To assist with things like flooding and to protect the country.
How active is the navy?
Who are the main people in the navy?
How many bases are there? There are 11 bases - Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Nowra, Jervis Bay, Western Port, Adelaide and Hobart.

What personal quality's do you need in the navy?
What are the fitness requirements?
What are the math requirements?
How hard is it to get in?

How hard is it to pass the training?
Where do you train?
How do you train?

Jobs in the Navy:
What jobs can you do? There are loads of job for just about anything you can think of.
Are there any advantages or disadvantages of becoming a technician/ mechanic with the navy opposed to civilian?
What if I get sent to war? It wouldn't bother me but if I had kids or something it would probably make me worried.
Would I want to go into combat? Why? and why not?

What sort of skills can I expect to get from the navy?

Finding information:

Where would I find people to talk about the navy? One of them career expos.
Who do you go to to find out information? Someone in the navy.