LC/C90 Wild West Gatherin June 23-28 2014

Welcome to the LC/C90 Wild West Gatherin

Be prepared for some good times, good rides, with good friends.  Plenty to do around this tourist town.

The plan is to meet and greet on Monday, June 23 2014.  Tuesday will likely be a day of relaxation, visiting things like Buffalo Bill Historical CenterCody Firearms Museum, maybe even take in a Rodeo, watch some gun fights.  Who knows.  If you want to go for a ride, go for it.

We will break up on Saturday, June 28th, for our trips home or elsewhere.

I do have some rides mapped out if you're interested. I will say that going in to Yellowstone, although beautiful, will be an ALL DAY affair.  Not because of the distance, but because I am sure you will get delayed by roaming herds of Buffalo, some Bear, Elk, Geysers, vistas.  There is also a nominal entry fee.

The RIDES that I have plotted out can be done any day, at your own leisure.  There is no real plan.  BUT, DO PLAN ON ANY WEATHER.  Be ready to pull over, shed some clothes, or put some on, including rain gear.  This is mountainous territory, there are no guarantees, except that you will have a good time.  You can do any ride you want, any time you want, do whatever you want.  The only thing I want is for everyone to have a good time and be safe.

The PATCH you see on the upper left is available for $5 per patch.  You can Pay Pal my account at  Please submit payment as a gift but remember to put your shipping address in there so that I can get it to you, or you can wait til the Gatherin, your choice.

So let's saddle up and get ready for some good times.