Central Ohio D-Star Net

The CODSN is a Weekly D-Star net for the purpose of discussion of D-Star, Amateure news, and general round table.

Notice:  As of Early October 2011 the CODSN on-air part of the network has been suspended due to Lack of local interest.  This site will remain on line and the mailing list will continue.  Thank you.

Thursday Nights at 8:00PM (00:00 UTC)

W8CMH Node C 

145.490 (-)

To connect locally you need to have your 3 fields set up like this. (Note the  indicates a space)

 Rpt 1 Rpt 2 Your Call
* Make sure that you are registered on the D-Star system so that others not local can hear you.

You are free to link your local repeater up to the W8CMH Node C or to REF038A to join in.  We suggest you link in before the net at about 7:45 Local time 23:45 UTC, this way you have a better chance of success than when we call for check-in's at 8PM Sharp.  The net can last from 30 minutes or longer some nights.

*** News***  We now are also on reflector 038A.  (The Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group's Reflector) http://www.nodig.us/ also known as the Ohio Reflector.  If you don't want to connect to the repeater directly you can connect your local repeater to the Reflector, or Connect up to the reflector directly (DVAP/DV-Dongle/etc.).  Note that we link up to it 5-10 minutes before the net, and take it down after the net.  All after net discussions take place on the local repeater.

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What is the main purpose of the CODSN?

The CODSN is a Weekly D-Star net for the purpose of assisting new D-Star users, passing on new news about D-Star that we come across, and local Amateur News.  We also are there to promote fellowship of D-Star users local to the Central Ohio Area.

It is not specifically for Central Ohio Hams, but is open to other hams who want to be a part of it.  It is simply based out of central Ohio, and the News topics tend to be of interest to D-star users in the Central Ohio area.

Why the Website?

The site here is basically so we have an on-line presence, it also gives W8KWA a place to upload his D-Star for Dummies E-Book, so that others interested can grab it there.