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Black Park XC 2010

Black Park XC

Black Park - Bucks. 14th March 2010

Having learned a valuable lesson from the last race, we left the house in plenty of time and arrived at Black Park ready to race. Both Beth and  I had a real competitive spirit today and once registered, Beth was at the start line and raring to go.

The course was mainly flat but lots of twisty singletrack and tightly packed trees meant that it was pretty technical at times. Beth did amazingly well for her first ever race and finished the 3.5 mile course in 33 minutes taking third place behind two seasoned young veterans.

I headed off at 10:35 and after getting caught up in all the turmoil of people finding their place I finally got into the pack. I felt very competitive this time, really feeling the disappointment from the last race and so no one was going to get in my way. I found a quick pace (for me) and felt good as I passed loads of riders. The only very short downhills had a lovely sea of mud at the bottom of them and the bombhole contained about a foot of water. It took me off both times until they directed riders down the chicken run.

So, having ridden as fast as I could, pushed myself hard, getting soaking wet and hitting a couple of trees that didn't get out of my way quick enough, I finished 30th out of 48 riders. Not as good as I thought but I felt I rode well.

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