Prospective Students

Prospective and new students should know that I view the commitment to lessons a priority.  That means fitting daily practice into busy family schedules. After our initial meeting together or trial lesson/audition, we commit to a full-year of lessons in my studio. Parents help foster this. Students who are serious about success on their instrument and have a love of playing, performing and practicing do best in my studio.

Interested in starting private lessons with me? We can arrange a date to meet. This meeting is free of charge. Younger students come with their parents to meet me and discuss my program. Older students come for a mini, trial lesson (10-15 min) and play a short audition on a piece they have played recently or an orchestral piece they have learned. If you are ready to do a full-length, trial lesson, we can arrange that too and those are charged at my going rate. Hopefully, we then have a good fit for a successful partnership and a mutual understanding and the lessons begin!

Please understand that I often have a waiting list for spots, so please call to check availability.

"Is the Code Studio a good match for me?" (A student/family compatibility quiz)
__  I do/will do my best to fit some amount of practicing in every day or nearly every day.
__  I value playing an instrument as a means to enhance both academic and artistic development.
__  I strive to take challenges especially when they help me develop confidence and self-esteem.
__  I make/will make time for participation in an orchestra or an ensemble.
__  It is my goal to eventually become a member of the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony.
__  I enjoy listening to music and attending concerts. 
__  I enjoy performing and sharing the love of music. 

If you answered "yes" to 5-7 questions, you will make a good fit in my studio!