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Helpful Hints for Practicing

1. Please practice EVERY DAY
2. Scales and etudes serve a purpose. Working on them improves your solo pieces and also makes them easier. Practice them first!
3. Always use your practice notebook when playing at home to remind you of all the things reviewed and assigned at your lesson. Remember to bring it with you to each lesson too.
4. After the lesson, review what you did in your head--dwelling on any special exercises we worked on.
5. Practice the difficult passages daily--in the way you were shown in the lesson.
6. You should spend the most time in your daily practice on the parts of the music that you have the most difficulty playing.
7. Practice new music and old music intonation spots slowly!

Often students or parents will ask, "How much should they be practicing?". This is the minimum times I recommend:
30 minute lesson = 15-20 min. per day

45 minute lesson = 30-45 min. per day

60 minute lesson = 45-60+ min. per day