First Time Students

Each student should bring a notebook (or small music staff book) to record weekly assignments and lesson notes.

Recording devices can also be useful lesson tools.

Parents of the youngest students are required to attend the lessons and take notes. Parents of 3rd and 4th graders encouraged to sit in and observe lessons. As the student reaches middle school age, parents are welcome to observe occasional lessons, however a stronger student-teacher bond is created when parents are not always present.

Parents can be helpful advocates for success. Please help remind your child to practice each day.

I like to keep my neighbors happy and safe. Remember I live on a residential street. Please drive slowly and be on the lookout for kids at play. Please do not park in the driveway.

Animal allergies? We have dog named Holly. She is not to leave the house, so if she happens to escape as you enter, please let us know. We will have her gated off most of the time.