Annual Student/Parent Checklist

Code Studio Strings Parent Checklist
*Playing in an ensemble is a vital and fulfilling part of being a successful string musician (and it is required as a member of this studio).   
   I am a member of the following:
            ___ school/homeschool orchestra   ___ PSO/KJSO   ___ Other (describe)
*Please go to my website and read the following categories and policies on the left side bar and initial.
1.     Attendance Policy
2.     Payments
3.     Helpful Hints for Practicing
4.     Parent’s Role
5.     The Rolland Philosophy
6.     First-time Students (if applicable)

         _______I have read the above            __________________
*I will provide a notebook.     _________________
Together we discussed the importance of finding a regular practice time in our busy schedule.  
     We looked at the calendar together and this is the hour we will set aside each of the following days:
  Mon.______Tues_______Wed_______Thur_______Fri_______Sat ________Sun_________
* The following is a list of items that will be needed this year by your child. It may include music books and/or instrument equipment.


              By initialing, you give approval for me to place an order through SHAR Products this week. 
________  We will order these items ourselves, thank you.