Step by Step

1) Create a new email (optional)

It is highly recommended that you create a new email.  This email will be used for spam which you will not want clogging your main email.  Any free email service will work such as Gmail, Aol, Yahoo etc.

2) Sign up

This site is invite only.  To begin, click here for the invitation link.  This will bring you to the main page for registration.  You may either connect with Facebook or just sign up normally.  Keep in mind that signing up normally requires you to confirm your email.

3) Earn points

Points are the websites currency.  They are what you redeem for Steam wallet card codes.  The fastest way to earn points is via offers.  To see available offers click the "Get Points" tab.

On this page you should see a list of offers.  Offers give you points upon completion.  To see how to complete an offer you may view its instructions.  Instructions are in black text on each offer's listing.  Most offers only require a simple registration to give you points.  When you have read an offer's instructions you may click the COMPLETE button to visit the offer and follow it's instructions for credit.

Make sure you follow the offer's instructions to have the highest chance to receive points.  Offer's may ask for personal information.  If you do not wish to use real information you do not have to.  When completing offers put information that at least looks realistic.  Keep in mind that you may have to use your real spam email for possible email confirmation.  

4) Redeem points

Once you have earned 20 points you can receive a Steam wallet card code.  Click the "Prizes" tab for a list of available prizes.  Steam wallet card codes are located on the second page.  Once you have found the prize you want you may claim it and it will be yours shortly!