Code Lyoko Season 4


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 Here are some of X.A.N.A.'S Monster's &William


Updates 10/10/07

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About season 4 of Code Lyoko


In the fourth season we see more adventure, a dramatic change in the story line and some brand new outfits for Yumi, Ulrich, Odd and aileta on lyoko also jeremy, Aileta, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd all get new outfits in the real world as well.

The team must fight against X.A.N.A. to save the real world and Franz Hopper (Ailetas father), and the gang also must fight X.A.N.A. to save William who is under X.A.N.A.'S control.


The team will have to fight to save William and Franz Hopper, the battle must go on.


Here is a list of episodes so far:

66.William Returns

67.Double Take

68.Opening Act

69.Wreck Room


71.Maiden Voyage

72.Crash Course


74.I'd Rather Not Talk About It

75.Hot Shower

76.The Lake

77.Lost At Sea


79.Bragging Rights

80.Dog Day Afternoon

81.A Lack Of Goodwill

82.Distant Memory

83.Hard Luck

84.Guided Missile

85.Kadic Bombshell

86.Canine Conundrum

87.Blue Planet

88.Enemy Cousins



It has been said in a interview with one of the creators of Code Lyoko that there is a total of 96 episodes of the show.



Here's a few season 4 pics