Debugging without breakpoints.

Need to track down those nasty ones, but don't know where to start? CodeInvestigator tracks everything.

No need to set any breakpoints: Any point in the program's execution history is accessible.

Interact with the code. Its words become click-able when you move your cursor in the code. Run-time information appears where you click.

The following example shows the outcome of a condition.

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Click in the code
  • a variable, to see what value it had.
  • a loop, and select an iteration.
  • a condition, to see what it evaluated to.
  • a print statement, to see what it actually wrote.
  • a function call, to go there.
  • an object to browse its attributes.

Every step of the program was recorded when it ran. All that information is available to you when you read and click code.   

You need Python, version 2 or 3, and a recent Firefox or Chrome browser.

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