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C is quirky, flawed and an enormous success - Dennis Ritchie

C is an imperative programming language that is very flexible and allows to develop highly efficient code. C is used heavily for different purposes, ranging from low-level programming in the realm of small embedded systems up to complex high-level application suites. This couse introduces the ANSI standard C programming language in terms of syntax and features. 

Compared to many other computer languages, C is a relatively low-level language. C programs can be compiled into very fast code. The price you pay for this is that you are responsible for every detail of your program; if you screw up, you will probably get a core dump (you'll find out what that is soon enough *chuckle*) or (on operating systems like Windows) your computer may just crash (perhaps with the infamous "blue screen of death"). It is very easy to corrupt memory, to leak memory, and to create incredibly obscure and hard-to-find bugs while programming in C.

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