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I recently joined AGLOCO because of a friend recommended it to me. I am now promoting it to you because I like the idea and I want you to share in what I think will be an exciting new Internet concept that is their slogan:'Own the Internet'.

AGLOCO’s story is simple

Do you realize how valuable you are? Advertisers, search providers and online retailers are paying billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you making? NONE!

AGLOCO thinks you deserve a piece of the action.

AGLOCO collects money from those companies on behalf of its members. (For example, Google currently pays AOL 10 cents for every Google search by an AOL user. And Google still has enough profit to pay $1.6 billion dollars for YouTube, an 18-month old site full of content that YouTube’s users did not get paid for!

AGLOCO will work to get its Members their share of this and more.

AGLOCO is building a new form of online community that they call an Economic Network. They are not only paying Members their fair share, but they’re building a community that will generate the kind of fortune that YouTube. But instead of that wealth making only a few people rich, the entire community will get its share.

What's the catch? No catch - no spyware, no pop-ups and no spam - membership and software are free and AGLOCO is 100% member owned. Privacy is a core value and AGLOCO never sells or rents member information. So do both both of us a favor: Sign up for AGLOCO right now! If you use this link to sign up, I automatically get credit for referring you and helping to build AGLOCO.

Click Here to Sign Up with AGLOCO

AGLOCO is a definitely a lifetime opportunity - never miss it.

40 Reasons Why You Should Join AGLOCO...

By: Michael H. Lewis

  • You can make money safely, legitimately, and easily. 
  • It takes maybe three minutes to join.
  • You don't have to enter any sensitive information to join. 
  • You don't have to buy anything to join. 
  • You don't have to buy anything ever once you are a member. 
  • It's easy to cancel if you don't want to be a member any more. 
  • You never have to read emails from people you don't know. 
  • You need nothing more than a working computer connected to the Internet. 
  • You'll only download a small free toolbar that won't install anything else on your computer, hog its memory, or read your keystrokes. 
  • You'll make the same amount of money even if you never click on anything. 
  • AGLOCO is the real deal, not some little scam. A good number of notable entrepreneurs are backing it. A Google search with keyword "agloco" will net you 1 million pages and counting. 
  • Very important: AGLOCO's business model has been tried before and proven to work. In fact, AGLOCO's predecessor paid out over $120 million to its members (this is what finally convinced me). 
  • You can dramatically increase your income by referring other people to AGLOCO, because..
  • ...AGLOCO pays you a portion of the surf money earned by those you referred up to 5 levels below you. So... 
  • You can recruit your friends and all make money together when you help them get referrals. 
  • The sooner you sign up, the more folks will come to you for info and the more likely it is that you will be the original seed of a large referral network in your community. 
  • You'll never be asked to send emails to people you don't know. 
  • You don't have to change anything you normally do on the Internet. You surf, AGLOCO pays.
  • AGLOCO's revenue source is genuine: a Viewbar members use that shows targeted advertisements based on your surf history, with the money paid to advertise going back to the members. That's not magic; that's common sense.
  • The Viewbar software you will download will not invade your privacy; it simply looks for keywords on the pages you view in order to show related ads.
  • The Viewbar is maybe the size of your taskbar at the bottom of your screen - in other words, it's small and won't interfere with your browsing experience at all.
  • AGLOCO has a thorough privacy policy that explicitly guarantees personal information will never be sold or given away.
  • In fact, AGLOCO has not one but three agreements every member must agree to. The bases are covered.
  • AGLOCO has a CPO - Chief Privacy Officer - whose responsibility is to make sure your privacy is never violated. His name is Ray Everett-Church, and he has more experience protecting privacy than probably anyone else on the planet.
  • AGLOCO doesn't play; anybody providing fake information, signing up twice, or otherwise trying to cheat the system will be detected by AGLOCO's anti-hacking instruments. This is an honest enterprise through and through. 
  • By signing up, you support the company that will change Internet advertising for the better. 
  • By signing up, you get to own a piece of the company that will change Internet advertising for the better. AGLOCO belongs to its members, which is to say that... 
  • will own stock (more if you refer people) in a company that is likely to become huge and thus your stock will be worth something awesome when AGLOCO goes public on the London Stock Exchange. 
  • You will likely find that other AGLOCO members, especially now in the early stages of AGLOCO, are some of the Web's savviest users and developers, and you can learn a bunch from them. 
  • You get to be on the cutting edge of World Wide Webware development, which means that as AGLOCO grows, its members will benefit from... 
  • ...discounts when members buy from companies affiliated with AGLOCO; 
  • ...possible help with spyware/antivirus protection (remember, everyone from Fortune 500 companies to millions of users will all benefit from a better browsing experience); 
  • forums where members can meet and discuss not just stuff, but ways and member-based projects to make AGLOCO better (it is our company). 
  • Our company is in good hands. AGLOCO pays 10% of its revenues to Infomediary Services Corporation (ISC), which is simply the management company that is responsible for managing AGLOCO. The other 90% of the revenue belongs to us. This 10% will attract the designing talent needed to make AGLOCO great. The corresponding 10% of AGLOCO's shares go to a foundation dedicated to providing every human being on Earth with Internet access. 
  • AGLOCO's management team will not get stock in AGLOCO. This ensures that those in positions of high responsibility don't hijack the company. 
  • Though circumstances will vary, you can get paid and earn shares no matter where on Earth you live.
  • If you choose, you can donate your earnings and shares to the charity of your choice. 
  • If you get involved in referring more members, you might be able to quit your day job and actually spend time at home, with your family, on vacation, wherever - and still make money. 
  • If AGLOCO fails, you won't lose any money because you paid none in the first place. 
  • AGLOCO ain't gonna fail.The last time such an opportunity existed, people made over $120 million in under 2 years, when far less people had Internet access and conditions weren't yet right for such a company to go public. Now, with record spending on advertising and calls from all sides for less irrelevant advertising and a better business/customer connection, the world is more than ready for an Economic Network that gives back to its users.

Now, if you aren't yet a member, after everything I just told you, you're not going to go and sign up ?

I joined AGLOCO because ...

  • I might make a lot of money if this works (and I have nothing to lose if it doesn't.) 
  • I use the Internet just as I always have - and still make money 
  • I like the idea of getting my share of all the billions of wealth being created on the Internet - even if I am not going to be a millionaire because of this. 
  • The reason I think I might make a lot of money is that I'm inviting people to join and AGLOCO(tm) rewards people who help build the network. 
  • I used the AGLOCO(tm) member calculator - I can get over 5,000 shares a month if I sign up 10 good people who recruit more new members.

So don't wait and sign up now and browse internet as usual.

More info:

There are different ways AGLOCO can make money for its Members:

Cash: You get cash by surfing the Internet while the "Viewbar" is running. AGLOCO's profits are distributed back to its Members. And you can also receive real-time discounts should you choose to purchase from AGLOCO's partners. They will never include gambling or adult entertainment sites as partners.

If you want to join as a Member, you download a piece of software called the Viewbar. It's like a toolbar that sits at the bottom of your desktop, and it will be available soon.


You get paid money for every hour it's Viewbar is open. Further, you get paid for every hour that your friends view the Viewbar. And your money extends 5 levels deep - you, signing up friends who sign up their friends who sign up their friends who sign up their friends who sign up their friends, and you make money at every level.

Essentially, viewbar collects on your behalf some of the revenue you would usually generate for other people while you conduct your everyday browsing. Then, it returns most of this money to you.

And the money adds up fast.

Say you have 5 people you end up signing up, and they sign up 5 people each.

That's 5+25+125+625+3125= 3905 people that are surfing and making money for themselves...and for you. With
this small group your estimated earning will be$4886.25/month- This is quite surprising .... isn't it ??

Think of referring 100 people & they each refer only 5 up to your five levels (duplication will go on), your estimated earning will be $97630/month.

That's a great earning on autopilot.

And remember, it's absolutely free to be a member.

So What are you waiting for ??? Go Ahead and Own The Internet.

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