How do i get paid ?
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AGLOCO Payment

Lately I have seen a lot of questions floating around blogs and forums regarding payment medium. Agloco has officially stated on the Agloco website that we will be paid in check form through the mail (for cash earnings.) The reason for all of this confusion is basically attributed to the poorly formatted Member Account Page. That would be the page each Agloco member can sign into to view their referral progress. Now from what it looks like many Agloco members, or at least many new Agloco members have not stumbled upon the "My Profile" tab.

The "My Profile" link is located in the drop down menu under "My Account"

Immediately to the right of the payment form Agloco states:

"We need your address to send you your checks. Fake information may disqualify your account. Click here to see our privacy policy "

Here is a screen shot:

This should answer the common question of "How am I going to get paid?" "They don't even have my mailing address"


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