Android Tide Clock for boaters, sailors, fishermen, and beach goer's.

"Do you know what tide it is?"

Tide Clock is for boaters, fisherman, sailors, surfers, sun bathers, swimmers, kayakers, wakeboarders, waterskiers, paddle boarders, wind surfers, sheller's, and generally any non-landlubber or beach goer's. Tide Clock is just that - a clock that keeps track of high and low tides.

Now super easy to set - You can now set the tide with a touch of your finger. Just enable Easy Tide Setting Mode in Settings, and then simply move the tide hand to the location of the tide.

Depending on your location, Tide Clock can run accurately for a good long time without needing adjustment. Tide Clock is not for navigation purposes, but can be used to keep track of the tide for water and beach related activities. It is your responsibility to set and check your tide setting.

Tide Clock includes setting options, color themes, and a place for the name of your boat, beach, or club. It does not use excessive battery, and does not require GPS or data downloads. It has been tested to work on tablets and phones alike. If you would like a branded version of Tide Clock for your company, boat or crew - with theme or logo, please feel free to email me.

Thank you for supporting Tide Clock.

Coded By Elves in Google Play Android Store

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