The IntelliJ IDEA Code Consultant

Have you ever noticed that simple act of describing a problem you can't get past to a co-worker will help you solve the problem, even if they don't say a thing? 

83% of the time* the act of explaining your problem out loud will lead you to the answer on your own.

The Code Consultant for IntelliJ is based on a (possibly apocraphal) story of a software company that gave employees a stuffed bear to talk to about problems they run into.  The employees would ask their questions to the bear and work though problems on their own without distracting others.  It takes that concept one step farther by giving you an AI that lives inside your IDE. It's like Clippy, but it asks you helpful questions rather than giving you unhelpful concrete suggestions.


Install the Code Consultant through the IntelliJ plugin manager (File -> Settings -> Plugins).  For more information, see the Code Consultant Plugin page.


The code consultant is for entertainment purposes only.  For real help, please contact your co-workers or a real life person.

Contact nathan [at] voxland [dot] net with any questions or suggestions you haveYou can also keep up with Code Consultant news and other software development thoughts at

* 83%
is a made up statistic designed to support my position.  I am consultant after all....