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Our Motto: May the code be with you...

Our inspiration:  LinuxChix and their coolness..
HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux  - a must-read if you want to understand the women-in-tech issues

Our Next Event:

CodeChix Seminar/Talk: How does Wikipedia work?

With Ryan Lane - Operations Engineer and Architect at Wikipedia
Monday February 27, 6:45p - 8:30p  @  the Color.com offices in Palo Alto.

About the speaker
Ryan Lane is an Operations Engineer for the Wikimedia Foundation. He
is the lead of the Wikimedia Labs project, a project intended to open
the Wikimedia operations infrastructure to volunteers, and is also
responsible for Wikimedia Infrastructure as a whole.

Ryan will be talking about Wikimedia's architecture, and how it
scales. He will also briefly talk about the WIkimedia Labs project,
and how everyone can contribute.

Conveniently located!
Color.com's office is located 2 blocks from the Caltrain station in Downtown Palo Alto, and there's a parking structure 2 blocks away (FREE parking after 5pm).

Everyone can attend!
This event is open to women and men. We're capping this event at 50 attendees, so please sign up soon!

$5 helps us provide snacks, beverages, and donate to the Wikipedia Foundation!
We are charging a nominal fee ($5) through Eventbrite for this to cover the snacks and beverages we'll provide. CodeChix will donate all leftover funds from this event to the Wikimedia Foundation!

Sign Up Now. 37 spots left!

About Us

CodeChix - cool developers and brainy chicks meeting face-to-face and gadget-to-gadget in a non-alpha, language/os agnostic, supportive environment and creating great things. 

We are a local, group for women and men (although we concentrate more on women) meeting face-to-face and gadget-to-gadget in a non-alpha, language/os agnostic, supportive environment and creating great things. Our events are either open to all or women-only (see details in the agenda).

Our LinkedIn and Facebook membership is open to men and women developers and non-developers (project managers, engineering managers etc.)

Our Groupspaces membership is for Bay Area women developers (and anyone that identifies as a woman - queer, trans etc., henceforth referred to as "women") who are any of the following:

Programmers, developers, designers, hackers, thinkers, putterers, engineers, scientists, open source goddesses, gadget freaks, all kinds of geeks, techies-into-food, techies-into-pretty-much-anything, laid back and cool techy chicks… you get the general idea. So, come join us and hobnob with some of the coolest, techiest chicks in the valley.

Apart from having our own mailing list, we choose to meet face-to-face and talk about projects, code, discuss work issues, and anything else that has relevance in our techy lives. We are about building lasting connections, friendships and alliances with other techy women living in the Bay area. 

Join Us:

Join us on Groupspaces
 (for female developers only)
Join us on LinkedIn (for male and female developers and non-developers)
Join us on Facebook (for male and female developers and non-developers)

Recruiters contact organizer at codechix dot org directly.

Our Main Goals:

  • Monthly hacking sessions/informal session - face-to-face and mentoring with experienced techies
  • Programming/problem solving in a non-alpha, supportive environment
  • Education through workshops, seminars, talks/lectures from industry as well as academia
  • Speaker series with prominent proponents of code and all things code-related
  • Networking, networking, networking
  • Working side-by-side on projects with other women and building great relationships on a personal level
Come join us and let's learn and create some cool new software and apps! Or just hang out and soak in the cool, techie environment with some awesome women!

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