NBC Ward Room: Why Chicago Should Elect Its School Board

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An interview by Edward McClelland with Wendy Katten, CPS Parent, about why Chicago should elect its school board. Tuesday, Oct. 9th, 2012

"Wendy Katten, whose children attend Burley Elementary School, is a member of CODE --- Communities Organized for Democracy in Education -- a group working for an elected school board in Chicago. Katten talked to Ward Room about the issue, which will be on the ballot as an advisory referendum in over 300 precincts in the Nov. 6 election."

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Zorn in the Trib: ‘Presto Joe’ makes more than just a school-reform idea vanish

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" With one metaphorical, magical swing of his gavel, Ald. Joe Moore, 49th, recently turned 96 hours into 48 hours and — zim zalla bim! — made a potential embarrassment for Mayor Rahm Emanuel disappear."

How ten aldermen were prevented from bringing the idea of an elected school board to their wards" 

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Sun Times letter to the editor: Why Chicago Needs an Elected School Board

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"The July 30 Sun-Times editorial says that we won’t find democracy at a Chicago Board of Education meeting. As researchers who have been on line at 6 a.m. to speak for two minutes to an unresponsive, elite board, we concur. But the editorial misses four points summarized in our 2011 report: “Should Chicago Have an Elected Representative School Board? A Look at the Evidence.”

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Univision Chicago covers our July 7th Rally in Little Village

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Padres y activistas quieren más representación en junta de educación 

WBEZ - July 4th - Independence from appointed school board

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This July 4th week, activists push for more democracy in Chicago schools
Petitions meant to start a conversation about instituting an elected school board

July 4, 2012

By: Linda Lutton
Some Chicago school activists are using the July 4th holiday this week as inspiration to fight for a democratically elected school board.

Chicago is the only district in Illinois where the mayor by law appoints the school board.

Chicago Public Schools parent Wendy Katten spent part of her holiday getting petitions ready that call for an elected board. She and others will canvass neighborhoods Thursday and all this month to collect signatures.

"This year, a lot of people have felt there is not a lot of democracy in terms of policy-making in our school district," said Katten. "I think parents and communities have really felt shut out."

CBS Chicago: Parents, Teachers Begin Petition Drive

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June 9, 2012

CHICAGO (CBS) – A newly-formed coalition of parents, teachers and community groups have begun a door-to-door petition drive to get a referendum question on an elected Chicago school board on the November ballot citywide.

The group calls itself “Communities Organized for Democracy in Education,” or CODE. After an initial meeting at an Albany Park church, they fanned out through the neighborhood with petitions seeking to put the question on the ballot citywide.

WBEZ: New Parent Coalition Pushes for ERSB

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March 29, 2012, Linda Lutton

A new coalition of parents says it’ll be pushing for an elected school board in Chicago.

The parents are mad at the school district over a whole host of issues. Some oppose the board’s policy of closing down failing schools. Others think the district is demonizing teachers. Parent Becky Malone says her neighbors in Mount Greenwood feel their concerns about a longer school day are being ignored by the board.

Parents Across America joins with 19th Ward Parents

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June 15, 2012

Parents Across America is proud to have a new affiliate in Chicago; 19th Ward Parents. Their website is and their email . Becky Malone wrote the below post, about their fight to preserve and improve Chicago’s public education system – for all students, and their campaign for an elected school board. 

Ward Room: Group Wants Elected School Board

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By Edward McClelland - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“Whether our issue is over a longer school day, destabilizing school closings, demonizing teachers, ending harsh discipline policies or social-emotional supports for students the common denominator is a school board that does not listen to the public,” said Becky Malone of 19th Ward Parents. “The time for democracy is now; an elected school board makes the school system accountable to the tax-payers who fund it.”


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