Call Announcer FAQ


How do I use Call Announcer?

Once enabled, when using Call Announcer as a ring tone, you use it just like any other ring tone.  A ring tone called CallAnnouncer is created for you.  You can assign it as your default ring tone or as a custom ring tone for only a certain set of people.  Please note that while assigning the CallAnnouncer ring tone, an announcement is not spoken; announcements are only made when there is an incoming call.

When ‘Use as a ring tone’ is not checked, the announcement will play along with the assigned ring tone.


When there is an incoming call, how do I make the phone only announce the call and not play any ring tone?

You can select the ‘Use as a ring tone’ option.  This allows you to set the call announcement just like you would for any other ring tone.  The ‘Use as a ring tone’ option is only available with the full version of the application.


‘Use as a ring tone’ is disabled on the preference screen.

‘Use as a ring tone’ is only available with the full version of the application and is not an available option for the lite version of the application.


The voice that announces the calls is strange, can you change it?

Call Announcer allows you to select the language and also change the pitch of the voice, making it higher like a chipmunk or deeper like a robot.  These are the only settings supported by the TTS Engine at this time.


Call Announcer doesn’t work or there are other ringing sounds playing when it is configured as ‘Use as a ring tone.”.

  • Make sure Call Announcer is Enabled.
  • Make sure that the 'Use as a ring tone' option is enabled.  If it is not enabled, you will hear whatever the default ringtone is.
  • Make sure the CallAnnouncer ring tone is selected under Settings => Sound & Display => Phone ringtone.
  • Make sure that that Call Announcer is the only Caller ID or Ring Tone application running.  Other similar applications can interfere with the normal working of this application, causing other ring tones to play in addition to the announcements.
  • Call Announcer uses the ring tone settings, so if the sound is turned way down or the phone is in Silent mode, you will not hear anything.
  • If you have a Task Killer application running, make sure Call Announcer is on the ignore list.  It needs to run in the background to detect calls coming in.

The phone isn’t announcing the name or phone number any more, it just says name or number where it should be announcing the person's name or phone number.

Make sure the announcement contains @name@ where you want the contact name announced and @number@ where you want the phone number announced.  Be sure there are no spaces between the @ symbol and name or number.  You can use Reset Announcements to get the device back to the default messages.


The name being announced doesn’t match the name being displayed.

Enabling ‘Use nickname’ will announce the nicknames of known callers if they are supplied.  The display will still show the callers display name.


I am receiving a 'Call Announcer needs SD Card to function' message when my phone is connected to the PC.

The Android Phone disables the SD Card while the phone is connected to the PC and while the Call Announcer application doesn’t use the SD card directly, the TTS engine does in order to work properly.  Once you disable the sharing of the SD Card with the PC, the message should go away.


The voice doesn’t match my settings.

Go to the Settings application and check the Text-to-speech settings.  Make sure the ‘Always use my settings’ checkbox is not checked.  If that doesn't work, you can choose to use the system TTS Settings by disabling the 'Use Call Announcer TTS settings' found in the Voice Settings section.


Configuration Options:

Enable Call Announcer – This setting enables and disables the Call Announcer functionality.  Checking this will announce all incoming calls using the formats defined in the Known Caller and Unknown Caller settings.
Enable SMS Announcements - This setting enables and disables the SMS Message Announcement functionality.  Checking this will announce all incoming text messages using the formats defined in the Known SMS and Unknown SMS settings.
Read SMS Messages - This setting enables and disables reading the SMS Message.  This option requires the Call Announcer License.  When checked, the text of the SMS message is read after the SMS announcement whenever an SMS message is received. 
Use as a Ring Tone – This option allows you to use the Call Announcer functionality as you would any other ring tone.  You can assign it only to specific people or use it for everyone.  When using Call Announcer as a ring tone, the announcement is the ring tone and it is the only thing that plays when a call is coming in.  This option is only available with the full version of the application.


Repeat Caller Announcement - You can set how many times the call is announced.  You can pick a number between 1 and 5 or Continuously announce.  This setting only works with Call Announcements.  SMS Announcements are only announced once.
Use Nickname – This instructs Call Announcer to use the person’s first nickname if one is supplied.  The nick name will be used in place of their display name.


Auto-detect commas - When enabled, this option will detect a comma in the name and reverse the names so that they are always announced first name last name. 
Announce which callers –  This setting lets you decide which callers to announce.  The options are All callers, Known callers only (callers in your contact list) and Known Starred callers (callers in your contact list that you have starred).
Announce which SMS - This setting lets you decided which SMS messages to announce.  It has the same settings as 'Announce which callers'.
Dont announce when on a call - This setting lets you disable call and SMS announcements if you are on a call.
Dont announce when phone is face down - This setting lets you disable call and SMS announcements if your device is face down.  This is useful if you are in a meeting and don't want announcements.  Simply put the phone face down while in the meeting and no announcements are made.  When the meeting is over, flip the phone face up and all calls will be announced.
Stop announcing when the phone is shaken - This setting lets you stop an announcement by simply shaking the phone.
Settings to use when announcing calls - This allows you to configure which audio settings to use when announcing calls.  It uses the system settings of the delivery method selected.  Selecting ringtone uses the ring volume and settings when announcing calls.
Known Caller – This setting lets you configure what is said during the announcement of known callers.  The default announcement is “Incoming call from @name@”.  The @name@ is a place holder for the name of the caller.  This allows you to specify exactly what you want announced.  You can also include @number@ in the text to announce the phone number, @phone@ to announce which phone they are calling from (home, mobile, ...), @orgname@ to say the organization they are calling from (if it is supplied) and @orgtitle@ to announce their title within the organization if it is supplied, as well.  You can include these anywhere within the announcements, such as, “Excuse me, but @name@ is on the phone for you” or “@name@ is calling from @number@”.  If you want a longer pause between announcements, you can append commas to the end of the announcement message, as in "@name@ is on the phone,,".


Unknown Caller – This setting let you configure what is said for unknown callers.  You can include @number@ to announce the number.  Including @name@ will not announce anything for unknown callers.  Commas can also be used at the end of the announcement message to create a longer pause between announcements.


Known SMS - This setting lets you configure what is said when an SMS message arrives from someone in your contact list.  The text works exactly as it does for Known Caller.
Unknown SMS - This setting lets you configure what is said when an SMS message arrives from someone that is not in your contact list.  The text works exactly as it does for Unknown Caller.
Reset announcements – This will restore the Known Caller and Unknown Caller announcements back to the factory defaults.  This is helpful if you accidentally changed the announcement so that the name or number is no longer being announced.  Use this option with care as it will reset all your announcements, both phone and SMS.
Use Call Announcer TTS settings - Disabling this setting directs Call Announcer to use the System TTS settings.  This is useful when a TTS system is installed and enabled that isn't detected by the Call Announcer application.
Language – This selects the language used when making announcements.  If you select a different language, you may need to change the announcements to match the language.  However, to announce the name or phone number @name@ and @number@ should still be used.


Pitch – This allows the pitch of the voice to be changed.  Selecting a higher voice makes the voice sound more like a chipmunk.  Selecting a deeper voice, makes the voice sound deeper and more robotic.


Listen to sample – Use this to check how the voice sounds using the TTS settings selected.