Call Announcer - Change History

2.0 Added new Home screen
        Added the ability to stop announcing when the phone is shaken.
        Added the ability to not make announces when the phone is face down.
        Display License information on the home page and hide the license icon.
1.11 Added @orgname@ and @orgtitle@ to the list of contact items that can be announced.
       Added a configuration option that allows the user to decide which callers to announce.  Options include All callers, Known callers only and Known starred callers only.
       Added a configuration option that allows the user to disable announcements when they are on a call.
       Fixed an issue that may have caused beeping during calls.
       Added a trouble shooting guide to the application.
1.9 Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash if no text was included in a text message.
1.8 Fixed a bug that muted music when an announcement is made and didn't free up the music play.
      Added option to auto-dectect commas in the name and reverse the names to always play first name last name.
      Added an option to use default system TTS settings when announcing calls.  With the new version of Android, other TTS languages were not always detected.
1.6 Include the ability to Announce SMS Messages
      Include the ability to Read SMS Messages
      Allow user to configure how many times a phone call is announced.
1.5 Catch issue when calling phone number is not supplied.
1.4 Made preferences take affect immediately.
      Start up automatically after a reboot if it is active.
1.3 Bug fixes when a contact doesn't have a name entered
1.2 Include Nickname
      Include Link to get the License
1.1 Fixed Stuttering Issue
      Fixed Issue with not starting the service
1.0 Initial Version