Call Announcer

Call Announcer provides an audible caller id for your Androidtm phone.  Utilizing your contact list and Google’s Text to Speech (TTS) capabilities, any incoming calls are announced using the same settings as your ring tone.  Call Announcer can be configured to announce calls while your ring tone is playing or to be used as a ring tone.  The announcement is totally configurable and has separate announcements for known and unknown callers.  Have fun and be creative with the announcements.  If you want to be treated like royalty, set up a noble announcement, “Sir, John Smith is on the phone.” announced with an English accent.  Are the Sopranos more your style?  How about, “Yo, John Smith is on the horn” announced in a deeper American voice.  If you have nicknames defined in your contact list, they can be used as well.


With Call Announcer, you no longer have to see your phone to know who is calling.  It’s a perfect match for hands free driving or while your hands are dirty from working in the yard.


Call Announcer can announce and read incoming SMS messages too.  You can configure how SMS messages are announced.