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code4lib NW 2009



The code4lib Conference was born in a chatroom discussion in November 2005*. Code4lib members quickly coalesced around the idea and a popular, annual conference for library technologist and developers was born.  The Pacific Northwest Code4Lib group was formed to build upon the original goals of the group/conference.  It aims to connect developers so they can share information about projects, trends and technologies. Most importantly, it seeks to develop a community where people share information and experience and collaborate on work towards common goals.


Event Information:


When:  June 4th, 2009

Start: 9 AM

End: 4:00 PM, with evening gathering for those interested at one of Portland's many local pubs/establishments

Where:  White Stag, Portland, Oregon

Cost:  $50 (primarily to cover snacks, refreshments and lunch for the group)

Size:  Facility can accommodate approximately 60 participants.




The Code4Lib Northwest meeting will be a one day conference in traditional Code4Lib style.  It will feature approximately 8 20 minute sessions, and two periods (a morning and late afternoon) consisting of lightning talks.  The facilities and the size should help keep the meeting cozy, and, with luck, everyone that wants to participate (do a lightning talk) will have the opportunity.


Presentation Proposals:


Presentations should be submitted to this group.  Because of delays setting up payment processing, proposals are still being accepted. If the number of proposals exceeds space available, selection will be made by those who are interested. Following the close of voting, submitters will be notified and a schedule will be created and made available.


Attendees & Registration:


Because of the size of the facilities and uncertainty of interest within the community, the formal Code4Lib Northwest 2009 event will be capped at approximately 60 participants.  The Registration fee will be $50, which will be used primary to cover lunch, refreshments throughout the day.  




If you have questions, you can send them to either Terry Reese (, Kyle Banerjee ( or submit them to this group