Code4Lib Seattle 2012

The University of Washington Libraries and the Orbis Cascade Alliance welcome you to the 2012 Code4Lib conference in Seattle. 

Seattle is home to brewpubs, local music, and coffee shops (with free wifi) on almost every corner.  It is ranked one of America's most livable, green cities, with hiking, biking, and kayaking year-round. It is a great city to visit and explore.  Seattle is also approximately 2,300 miles from Bloomington, IN, 2,700 miles from Asheville, NC and 3,000 miles from RI.

Conference venue:

The Renaissance Hotel (515 Madison St., Seattle, WA 98104) is located in the chilly heart of downtown Seattle, still close to the University district, but even closer to the restaurants, bars, breweries and distilleries in the Belltown, Downtown, Pioneer Square, and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. Room rates will be $159/night (it's downtown).  The hotel is accessible by many different bus lines. It is a short bus ride away from several other lively and entertaining Seattle neighborhoods: 10 minutes to Capitol Hill, 15 minutes to Belltown, 33 minutes to Fremont, 40 minutes to Ballard. 

Alternate lodging:

The Seattle holds many lodging options in addition to the Renaissance. These options range from the edgy and economical, College Inn to the business practical of theWatertown Hotel or the University Inn.  And you want to talk amenities? We have electricity, indoor plumbing, Honey Buckets, sliding doors, bears, coyotes, geese, rabbits, chickens (you are allowed to keep 6 within the city limits), Zip Cars, Bicycle rentals, convenient bus lines, waterways (so if you cover yourself with bearfat you can swim from Lake Washington, through the Montlake Cut, across Lake Union, down the Locks and into Puget Sound or you could rent a kayak, canoe, sailboat, or take a water-taxi)

Wifi: For the sad nerd with no 3G/4G, the city is littered with free wifi in coffeeshops, bars, restaurants and even several grocery stores.

To and from Seattle
1.5 hours from SeaTac Airport to the University district by Light Rail and Metro Transit. ($2.75 with ORCA card, $4.25 cash)
30 minutes by car from SeaTac Airport to the University District.

In and around Seattle
ORCA cards allow travel on most public transit in Seattle.
King County Metro Transit $2.25 - $3.00. Ride Free area in Downtown Seattle.
King County Water-taxis -- $3.00 - $3.50. Routes from Downtown to Vashon Island or West Seattle. 
Sound Transit -- $2.25 - $4.75.  Light Rail to SeaTac, South Seattle, Downtown.


No harsh sunlight.

Social Activities:

Beer, chocolate, wine, movies, outdoor activities, numerous theater and music venues.
Many restaurants that offer a wide range of ethnic foods, vegetarian, vegan, 7th level vegan with pocket mulching.
Numerous homemade ice cream shops, many dessert shops -- a few of which are gluten-free, vegan or both.
Bars that allow kids and dogs.

Food and drink:
  • Beer: More beer brewed in the city of Seattle than you could possibly taste in 4 days, but you could try. Bottled gluten-free beer is available at a few restaurants and pizza joints. 
  • Wine: Wine Bars, for the other fermentation. Smash (Wallingford), Purple (Downtown), Vermillion (Capitol Hill), and many more with names that are not colors or verbs.
  • Coffee: In addition to Starbucks and Tully's, Seattle has many small roasters. Lighthouse, Fuel, Stumptown, Fremont Coffee, Victrola, Cafe Vita, Zoka, Cafe Umbria and so on.
  • Tea: Seattle also has a growing tea scene: Tea houses, retail, the smell of Morning Glory the morning. The Teacup and the Tea House Kuan Yin are highly recommended.

  • Kayak Rentals: Northwest Outdoor Center (NWOC), Agua Verde (good fish tacos and margaritas).
  • Sailboat/historic boat rentals: Center for Wooden Boats. Travel the Inside Passage to Alaska for a season of hard labor in the timber and fishing industries.
  • Curling - The Granite Curling Club of Seattle takes group reservations and has a bar with reasonably priced shots of Jameson's.
  • Bike Rentals: Recycled Cycles on the Burke Gilman trail on the south edge of campus

  • Music: A thriving indie and classical music scene, with more listings than I can mention, so wander over to the Stranger for a sampling of the available venues.
  • Art: Great museums. Seattle Art MuseumSeattle Asian Art MuseumMuseum of Flight.
  • Theater: lots of small shows -- plays, burlesque, circus, variety acts, and again I defer to the Stranger.
  • Pure Geekiness: Battle Star Galactica exhibitExperience Music ProjectScience Fiction Museum
  • Hacker space: Metrix Create Space for 3D printing, microcontroller projects, laser cutting, vending machine of electronic goodies.
  • Lots of shopping: Archie McPhee's, Pike's place market, Salumi, the Swinery, Bottleworks, Hardwick and Sons (for all your tool needs), Pacific Food Imports (SoDo), Not a number (Wallingford) -- odd bumper stickers. 
    Argosy Cruise through the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks includes cruising past boats featured on The Deadliest Catch
  • Several movie theaters in the University District.

Seattle Organizing Committee:

Kyle Banerjee, Digital Services Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance
Elizabeth Duell, Administrative Assistant, Orbis Cascade Alliance
Karen Estlund, Digital Collections Coordinator, University of Oregon Libraries.
Anjanette Young, Systems Librarian, University of Washington Libraries.
Ann Lally, Head of Digital Initiatives, University of Washington Libraries.
Jennifer Ward, Head of Web Services, University of Washington Libraries.
Corey Murata, Business Computer-Based Services Librarian, University of Washington Libraries.
Ann Gleason, Systems Head, Health Sciences Library, University of Washington Libraries.