Cohort Application

Please fill out the application below for the English 101 #85014 & Sociology 103 #85844 Learning Community. You will be able to register 48 hours after you complete this form, but not until on or after your scheduled registration day and time.

At this time NO APPLICATION process is required for the PHOTO/GEOL learning community. Please register for the learning community (Cohort) of your choice through your MyCanyons account.

Winter 2012
PHOTO 150 # 86268 & GEO 109 #86267 - mandatory field studies to Death Valley

Spring 2012
PHOTO 150 #85421 & GEO 109 #84744 - mandatory field studies to Joshua Tree
English 101 #85014 & Sociology 103 #85844

Definition of a Learning Community Cohort
The idea of an academic learning community/cohort is to link or cluster two or three classes for the length of academic term around a common theme. Learning communities comprise a variety of forms, but typically, the classes involve common themes, historical periods, issues, or problems within society. The faculty who teach in the learning community integrate the specific content within each of their courses. A small group or cohort of students MUST enroll in all of the classes within the cluster collectively.
In the fall and spring semesters, these same courses are offered without the cohort model option. If you are unable to participate in the cohort, please register for a different section that does not require the cohort

•A cohort requires co-enrollment in two or more courses. 
•The cohort may require on campus class meetings, mandatory off site studies activities, and/or online instruction. 
•Please see the schedule of classes for specific information on these requirements.

COC Cohort Application