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Welcome to the CocoVivo Space.


Here is the deal. 6 years ago I decided to take a break from the SF bay area tech world, started to drive to South America, and ended up living in Bocas del Toro, Panama for a while. It's a ridiculously cool place, with snorkeling, diving, surfing, virgin rainforest, wildlife underwater and above water, great kayaking (both ocean and - with a bit more hassle whitewater) and endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

In Bocas, I bought a semi-abandoned cattle farm and started a reforestation project to do something more meaningful there than just hang out on the beach (besides continuing to work remotely as a software developer).

After a few years, I got caught up with too much work and ended up starting a software company in China. I didn't spend enough time in Panama, and things there went into decline. One thing I have learned is that you can't have a place here and not be here the majority of the time. Workers need supervision, and nature claims back what humans make, which isn't so great if you find bats in your closet and crabs in the sink.

I am now trying to figure out what to do with the place. There is a 2000sqft house with high speed internet connection and wifi, a second small cabin on the water, 55 acres of land, beautiful coral right off the front porch, and a whole bunch of toys growing mold.

My main goal is to be able to come here a couple months out of the year and to use the place -- by myself or shared with others. It would take one or more people to help share the responsibility to maintain the place. I don't need to make any money with this, but I would like this to be self-sustaining at some point.

I set up this site to explain to people what's there, to help come up with ideas on how to use it. Please look around and send comments... if you have been here, please ask for access to the site if you want to help edit it.

Here are some ideas:
  • Retreat for people who work remotely. This is what I do - 7 years of traveling while working over the internet. The main issue is that this is on remote island, and you have to appreciate that in order to like it here.
  • Burner Retreat. As in burning man. I have a lot of friends who are into BM, and I could see the same vibe working here.
  • Time Share for burners. This is a step further... if people are going to invest time and energy into it, why not also get some formal ownership?
  • Vacation Rental. I'd need someone who would want to live here and manage it. They'd have to invest some time initially, but eventually it will be an easy part time job.