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As of spring 2017, CocoaNuts meets on Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in room 2124 of the Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science. Our meetings are purposely structured so that they don't build on material from previous meetings. If you miss a meeting, you can jump right back in without falling behind.

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 Title  Topic  Date  Author
Crunch Time Timer • Model View Controller Aug 25 Bliss
NewsStream watchOS • WKTableView Sept 1 Bliss
Apple Networking Event 10am-2pm in ECEB Building Lobby Sept 8 Apple
Intro to Swift Swift Language Sept 15 Jared
Writing a Compiler in Swift Open Source Projects
Funky, Parsey, COOL
Sept 22 Richard Wei
Top Show Core Data • NSFetchedResults Controller Sept 29 Jared
Truckers and Their Cats: An Exercise in os_log os_log • Activity Tracing • Brief intro to Objective-C Oct 6 Justin
Top Show UICollectionView Oct 13 Jared
Nutstagram CloudKit 
Oct 20 Steven
Siri-ous Exercise SiriKit • HealthKit Oct 27 Jared
NewsStream tvOS • MVC • Delegation Nov 3 Bliss
Microsoft Tech Talk (in Siebel 3403) Adding Image and Voice Intelligence to Your Apps with Microsoft Nov 10 Microsoft's David Giard
Group Programming   Nov 17 CocoaNuts
Fall Break -------------------- ----------   ----------
Core Spotlight UITableView • UIColor • CoreSpotlight Dec 1 Bliss
Winter Break -------------------- ----------     ----------
Crunch Time Timer • Model View Controller Jan 19 Bliss
Intro to Swift Swift Language Jan 26 Jared
Fun with iOS + Arduino Core Bluetooth • Arduino Feb 2 Jared
Mwap MapKit Feb 9 Justin
Who's Your Valentine Contacts API Feb 16 Bliss
Google & Firebase Tech Talk Regular meeting canceled - Firebase talk in Siebel 2405 Feb 23 Joel Poloney
CocoaVault Keychain • TouchID Mar 2 Steven
TopShow Core Data • NSFetchedResultsController Mar 9 Jared
CocoaBlast SpriteKit and GameplayKit Mar 16 Marie
Spring Break -------------------- ----------  ----------
Facebook Tech Talk Mobile Interfaces and Building for Scale Mar 30 Facebook
Tech Talk: Dynamism Static vs. dynamic typing and method dispatch; how the C++ and Objective-C runtimes work; demo of Cycript Apr 6 Justin
iOS Camera Technologies Autofocus + Autoexposure Apr 13 Mosab Elagha 
DLVM Tech Talk

A compiler infrastructure for neural networks and deep learning in Swift

Apr 20 Richard Wei
Group Programming Summer Project Planning Apr 27 CocoaNuts