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Welcome to my e-portfolio!  I am a senior at The University of South Carolina.  I plan to graduate in May 2014 with Leadership Distinction in Professional and Civic Engagement

Through my major in Early Childhood Education, internship experiences, and peer leadership opportunities, I have come to understand that the impact of a teacher extends far beyond the classroom.  I have also learned that the possible ways I can personally contribute are much broader than I first imagined. At the core, I have developed a passion for helping children see the possibilities in themselves, but I have also learned that the role of a teacher is multi-faceted.  As a teacher, I will impact families and my colleagues in the schools.  I will have opportunities to be an advocate for children, families, and education.  The skills I have developed through my experiences at USC have provided a strong foundation for my future work and contributions to the greater community.

This e-portfolio highlights concepts that I believe are important in my ability to make difference and illustrates the kind of skills that that I have developed.  It includes examples from my class work and from my involvement beyond the classroom.  Together, these experiences have prepared me to be a collaborative educational leader.  The leadership project described in this portfolio is just a small example of the kind of work that I will continue to build on as I grow throughout my career and work with others to provide the best possible opportunities for all children.
NOTE:  This e-portfolio was created to help readers understand the framework, required sections, type of artifacts, and appropriate language for an e-portfolio meeting the criteria to Graduate with Leadership Distinction.  
  •  Many sections of this e-portfolio are not currently complete. See the E-portfolio Content Guide for help in how each section should be completed. 
  •  Many artifact "links" are not functional and are intended as examples of the types of artifacts that might be included. 
  • The application attached on this page is blank.  A completed e-portfolio would have an application with all sections completed including required signatures.
  • Formatting of the e-portfolio is completely up to the student. See the USC Connect Graduation with Leadership Distinction E-portfolio page for technical help. 
Susan Quinn,
Nov 3, 2013, 12:48 PM