Take a Drive for Landcare

Welcome to the Drive for Landcare. On this 60 minute Landcare Drive you will see examples of remnant vegetation as well as sustainable farming practice. The Cockys for Landcare farmers hope you enjoy the experience and gain an insight into what they are doing to protect the environment. This project has been supported through the Australian Government Envirofund scheme which provides funding to groups implementing on-ground works aimed at conserving local biodiversity and promoting sustainable resource use.



To complete the drive you will need to navigate between the sites - for this we provide a map, written directions and GPS coordinates.
We also provide accompanying audio tracks which should be listened to at the sites or whilst driving between them.
Everything you need is available on the Downloads page.
We recommend you download all the resources before starting the drive as mobile internet connection in the drive area is very limited.

Sites Visited

  • Rica Erickson Reserve

  • Salt scald

  • Homes for Carnaby Cockatoos

  • Avenue of Salmon Gums

  • Sustainable farming

  • Farm forestry

  • Remnant vegetation



Things to consider to ensure your safety on the drive:

  • Reduce speed on unsealed roads.
  • Pull off the road when looking at sites.
  • During winter months, extra caution should be taken when driving as roads may be slippery.


Your Safety is Your Responsibility