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The Cocker is among the oldest breeds, coming from ancient Spanish root-stock. The Cocker is intelligent, obedient, affectionate, effervescent, loyal,  playful, and  come in a small to medium size. They are the smallest of the sporting dogs, though today the Cocker is more show dog and cherished pet than hunting dog, which makes the perfect house pet.

Just a few of our past puppies!

 Cocker Spaniel Breeder
I have been a highly recommended Cocker Spaniel Breeder for the past twenty-five years and pride myself on my healthy Cockers. I fed them what I thought was high quality food until the devastating recall of 2007. Fortunately, I did not lose any of my precious pets but I did learn not to blindly trust what was in my pet's food and began to do research online. I went through many different so-called natural foods but was not satisfied with any of them until I found Life's Abundance Dog Food. After switching to Life's Abundance, I could visably see a diffirence in my Cockers in just one month. Their coats have gone from dull and lackluster to full and beautifully shiny. They have more energy, especially noticable in my twelve and thirteen year olds. And, their tear stain problem, which I have tried every product on the market for, has finally begun to clear up! Also, some of the previous foods that I tried caused diarrhea and I definately no longer have that problem. But the best thing of all is that my Cockers absolutely love Life's Abundance dog food and treats and I actually feed them LESS food now than any of the previous brands.