About Orgbiz


ORGbiz© is available for $79.95. A CD in zipped format will be shipped to you with complete instructions.  

*Requires your web host to be PHP and MySql capable.  For more info contact us.

The Mission

Your organization has a mission. Everything else is done to accomplish your mission. Reduce the 'everything else' part with ORGbiz©.

Every non-profit has goals; coordination, reports and information sharing are necessary functions to reach those goals. How about reducing that workload? That's what this does. By adding to your web server a business server, you can tap into some powerful resources. That's what we did. After years of experience with non-profit organizations and the issues common to all we developed a powerful solution. By applying the same principles of information sharing that businesses have, we've tailored a solution for organizations.

Information Flow

It's difficult to collect, disseminate, and inform your membership. We have all been to meetings where a key person isn't there to give a report, give the minutes, or no agenda. How many times has someone 'not' received the email with important information?

What about things like membership rosters, events, committees, important documents? Having trouble staying on top of these? All of these issues and more are common to all organizations.

We provide a logical system of managing the common functions. It's accessible to all of your members by simply logging in to the members section. The administration is easy and you will free up some valuable time. See some of the features below.

Easy to Manage

ORGbiz© is easy to manage with all the administrative tools you need. Administrative tools are intuitive with similar themes for interfaces. Simply add, edit, or delete data as needed. Meetings and events only display current and future dates. You choose the administrators. Members update their own profile.

ORGbiz© requires PHP 5.3 or higher and MySQL database 5.0 or higher. Most hosting providers include this with their services. It's easy to install and easy to use.


Membership Finances Assets Events Meetings Photo Gallery
Detailed and printable Membership Rosters History Reports by date, expense, revenue & category graphs Asset Report Members Create Event flyers online Meeting schedules posted automatically Members upload their photos and create galleries
Searchable Membership Monthly Reports by date and category - printable Locations RSVP function for events - track participants Create printable agendas online Gallery is automatically posted for the public
Member Profiles with pictures and bios Custom reports by date - printable Quantities Automatically posted for the public Create and archive meeting minutes (printable) Accepts JPEG, GIF, or PNG
Member message board Expenses and Revenues by category Values Only displays current and future events Create various meeting types Picture dimensions not an issue
Create and manage committees No sensitive account data required and reports are printable Dates acquired Insert graphics, style text, WYSIWYG Only displays current and future meetings Automatically generates thumbnails upon uploading

ORGbiz©helps you manage your non-profit or organization by adding a members section to your existing website. It allows you to manage: membership; finances; events; meetings; assets; committees; and documents. It also provides a public view for a gallery, events page, and meetings schedule page.


Several Membership Reports are available. Need to find a Member? The reports are searchable.

Members maintain their own personal data, admins maintain membership info. Members profiles can contain images and bio's.

When members log in, they see a message board, which any member can post comments and reply .

Finance Reports

Finance reports are sorted by expenses, revenues, and categories. Three reports are available:

  • Cumulative
  • By Month and Year
  • Custom Report by any inclusive dates.
ORGbiz© doesn't require any sensitive data such as account numbers. Just add data like a check register.


Mange your organizations assets by knowing their value, location, and quantity. Easy to add, edit, or delete assets. Useful for taxes and accountability.


Custom Event Creation With RSVP
Create events with images and styling. Events are posted to a public events page. A special feature is an RVSP button that can be added to events to manage event participation.

Only current and future events are displayed making administration easier.


Create an Online Schedule for Meetings
Create and schedule meetings. Create meeting types, locations, dates, and times. Meetings are displayed on a public meetings page by order of newest date. Only current and future meetings are displayed.

Photo Galleries

Members can create photo galleries and upload photos. Great for capturing events and milestones. One step uploading automatically creates thumbnails and sorts by gallery.Images require admin approval so inappropriate images can be screened. Approved images are automatically posted to a public gallery page.