Chronicling the rise of Kochi 


Awake from decades of economic slumber, the Queen of the Arabian Sea is today surging ahead with an array of impressive projects that promise to transform Kochi into a truly global city.

This site is an attempt to chronicle these developments. We strive to keep you up-to-date on the latest regarding the various projects that take place in Kochi. 


Despite its long and illustrious history, Kochi's advantages have often been overlooked. Strategically located in close proximity to the international shipping channels, Kochi was in ancient times, visited by the Chinese, the Arabs, the Greeks, the Romans, the Portuguese, the Jews, the Dutch and the British; all of who left their marks visible in the city. Today, as one of the world's most favourite tourist destinations, Kochi is visited daily by thousands of tourists from across the globe.

Unlike most cities, Kochi revels in being a choice destination for a wide range of industries - from Tourism, Shipping and Information Technology, to Computer Hardware, international trade and Biotechnology. Add to that the electric mix of a cosmopolitan tribe of highly skilled and educated people.

No wonder Kochi has been consistently ranked as the most preferred city to live in, in India. Take a look at the advantages Kochi has to offer. There is something in Kochi for everyone!




Some things in life deserve special mention. Given below are the jewels in Kochi's crown. They promise millions of dollars worth of investments, lakhs of employment opportunity, and carry the potential to make a large scale impact on society.

  • Vallarpadam Transhipment terminal
    India's first International container transshipment terminal is coming up at Vallarpadam island, off Kochi. This is by far the biggest development project in Kochi today. The project is expected to be a shot in the arm for the Kochi port, and is sure to catapult it among the likes of the Singapore, Dubai and Colombo ports.
  • Smart City
    The sort of impact this one project had on Kochi is unparalleled. The Smart city in many ways represents Kochi's coming of age. The project aims to establish India's largest IT facility at Kakkanad in the suburbs of Kochi.

  • Sobha High-Tech City
    This project is the single largest investment by any private party in Kerala. Need we say more to highlight the importance of the Sobha High tech city coming up at Maradu? Sobha promises to create a world-class industrial city focusing on IT, Biotechnology and Electronics Hardware. Upon completion, this would be the largest such ventures in the country.
  • Kochi Metro Rail
    Like other major cities in India, traffic infrastructure has been one of the issues with Kochi too. The Kochi Light Metro Rail project hopes to put an end to the woes of millions of daily commuters. The rail track will be completely elevated throughout its 25km length.

  • Cochin Airport's Aerotropolis
    Aerotropolises (apart from being major tongue twisters), are airport cities. There are only a few airports in the world that can claim to be an aerotropolis. The Cochin International Airport plans to utilise the land under its holding to construct an IT Park, a golf course, several star hotels, malls, an MRO and an aviation academy.


These projects don't carry the labels of a mega project. But these lil' biggies, as we call them, promise to make Kochi unique with the stamp of charisma that they bring.

  • Bolgatty Marina
    Modelled on the lines of the St. Katherine Haven in London, the project will be the first in the country. A feather in the cap for Kochi port and for Kerala's tourism industry.
  • International Cruise Terminal
    Already the most preferred cruise tourism destination in India, the realisation of this project will make Kochi's mark felt in the global cruise tourism circuit as well.

  • Yasoram Sky City
    One of a kind project that aims to create a city in the skies - literally! This exciting proposal aims to build a parallel city above the existing one. Such an experiment is being done for the fist time in the world.
  • Oceanarium
    Asia's largest and most technically advanced Oceanarium planned at Putuvype island, off Kochi. The Oceanarium will have a 250 meters glass tunnel passing through the sea as its highlight.


IT's (Information Technology) raining in Kochi. Literally! Until the beginning of the millennium, Kochi's dreams of being a top destination as far as the information technology scenario was concerned, was largely unrealised for decades. Despite the obvious advantages Kochi possessed, including high bandwidth connectivity and lower operational costs, Kochi failed to kick. And then, NASSCOM did a survey to identify the most ideal location in the country for IT and related services. Needless to say, Kochi finished right there at the top of the list. And the rest, as they say, is history. It didn't take long for the city to turn smart and hi-tech. (Pun intended!) Take a look at the IT parks lined for the city.  



True, the city has been late to be bitten by the mall bug. Now finally we've arrived, and how! Listed below are the various malls lined up for construction in Kochi. Take a look: