CoCharNet: a Platform for extracting social networks from movies


The CoCharNet is system to extract social network from movies. In this system, we can annotate character on movies, discover relationships among characters and extract social network (CoCharNet) of characters in the movie.


During users play the movie, use keyboard to annotate when character is appeared or not (by assign character to key board press action). The keyboard is assigned by user when they add character to annotate. Numbers of character could be annotated on this system is less than 20.

Analysis and visualizaton

By using Closeness Centrality, Betweeness Centrality and Weighted Degree to evaluate the importance of the characters in the movie.

System Requirements

  • IDE: Netbeans 8.0
  • Video API: vlcj:
  • SNS Visualization API: prefuse:; Gephi API (

Source code

Source code of this system can be download at:
Subpages (1): Demo