Coke Lighters - Matches

 1950s Miniature Coca-Cola "Bottle" Lighters NOS

1950s Coca-Cola "Bottle" Lighters NOS


1950s Coca-Cola "Bottle" Lighters "Gold" NOS - Rare

1950's Deluxe "DRINK Coca-Cola" Blue-Bird Music Box Lighters

2002 "The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Palm Springs, California"
ZipLight 'Converted' Zippo Lighters Mint


1978 "Enjoy Coca-Cola" Zippo Slim Mint


1960s Coca-Cola Bottle Zippo

1995 "DRINK CARBONATED Coca-Cola" Zippo
'Unstruck' Mint

1998 "Enjoy Coca-Cola" Zippo 'Unstruck' Mint


1995 "INDIANA Coca-Cola BOTTLING CO." Zippo Mint


1996 "Coca-Cola" Zippo (Left Handed? Fake?)


1950s Barlow Gold Bottle USA Mint

1950s "DRINK Coca-Cola" Scripto


1970's "Enjoy Coca-Cola" Scripto - Butane

"Enjoy Coke" Butane Lighters NESOR




"DRINK Coca-Cola IN BOTTLES Delicious and Refreshing" SUNFLOWER Lighters China


2016 Coca-Cola "Can" Unbranded Zippo Copy 'Unstruck' Mint

"Coca-Cola" Dynamic Ribbon Mint  - Unbranded Zippo Copy


1960 "IT'S DRINK Coca-Cola IN EVERY LANGUAGE" Flat Lighters
(Wellington Balboa Inc.)


Coca-Cola Permanent Match Lighter "Unstuck" Mint


1970s Foil Coated "Coca-Cola Through The Years" Stick Matches NOS

2010s Coca-Cola Stick Matches NOS - Thailand

Pre-50s "DRINK Coca-Cola" Book Matches