56. Mark Mayer

posted Oct 27, 2012, 4:07 PM by Tom Mayer
Why the hell not, Peter [55. Peter Mayer] inspired me.

It does indeed feel like 2000, except that in 2000 we (which is to say, y'all--I was 16) had the chance to elect an actual green to the White House. This round we have an incumbent who does the environment a good turn when it doesn't cost him too much political capital versus a challenger who would nullify EPA regulations; drill, mine, and otherwise ravage public lands; and ignore the realities of climate change. Let's not forget that Ralph Nader-the-candidate's single accomplishment was assuring the defeat of the one environmentalist president we might have had. Ralph Nader-the-activist accomplished a lot--at least until he started running for president. Third-party voters, your rage is valuable, and there are better ways to spend it.