Case Against Attacking Iran

The Case Against Attacking Iran

By Ron Forthofer

Dr. Ron Forthofer



Israel and the U.S. are leading a campaign to stop Iran’s program to enrich uranium for the development of nuclear energy. These nations, along with Japan and some other allies in the West, allege that Iran’s goal is to develop a nuclear weapon.


Israel has repeatedly threatened to launch a military attack on Iran, not for something Iran has done, but based on something it might possibly do sometime in the future. Many U.S. pundits, particularly those who strongly supported the illegal and unwarranted attack on Iraq, are in favor of the U.S. attacking Iran.

Iran's nuclear facilities



Daily Beast


The Republican candidates for president (except Ron Paul) have been competing to see who can be toughest on Iran.




President Obama has also said several times that in order to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon all options are on the table. For example, see


Reuters Video.


In the following material, I raise a number of key concerns related to the Israeli and U.S. campaign. The format for this material starts with a list of bullet points. You can click on the bullet point for additional material and documentation

Key Points




·         The U.S. and other western nations supported Iran’s effort for nuclear power


·         The U.S. claimed Iran had a need for nuclear power


·         Iran’s enrichment program is permitted under the Non-Proliferation Treaty


·         Most of the world’s nations support Iran’s right to enrich uranium to a low level


·         There is a long history of false alarms about Iran’s nuclear energy development


·         The claim that Ahmadinejad threatened to wipe Israel off the map is false



Current Situation


·         Israel is pushing for the U.S. to attack Iran


·         There is a lack of evidence to support the position of Israel and the U.S.


·         There are concerns about the International Atomic Energy Agency’s new leader


·         Iran’s Supreme Leader issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons


·         Iranianleaders are rational


·         Iran’s nuclear enrichment program is not an existential threat to Israel


·         The use of sanctions can be devastating


·         The threats to attack as well as an attack itself on Iran are illegal


·         Current negotiations are problematic; perhaps a formality leading to an attack


·         Attacks against Iran have already begun



Possible Outcomes


·         A military attack on Iran may be counterproductive


·         The costs of an attack could be enormous




The Rest of the Story


·         Domestic political concerns play a role in fomenting this concocted crisis


·         Regime change – is it the goal in Iran? The Iranian issue draws attention from the continuing Israeli occupation and theft of Palestinian lands





In addition, there are several good websites that provide more information and others that focus on reasons for not attacking Iran. These include the following:


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