Learn Cobol with Source Code!

Hi Everybody,

welcome to my homepage which shall help a novice (like myself) to learn and experiment with a dinosaurier language: COBOL.

This language is often dismissed as crufty and old-fashioned, but is nevertheless still used a lot around the globe mainly in a business environment. So, it may be not a bad idea to get even a little bit of knowledge about COBOL.

The idea of this homepage is to study "donated" source code to enhance the learning experience from a more formal tutorial.

A list of interesting COBOL websites can be found here: http://www.infogoal.com/cbd/cbdlnk.htm.

A very good COBOL tutorial can be found here: http://www.csis.ul.ie/cobol/course/Default.htm.

You can find books about COBOL in my favorite bookstore:

Enjoy and give comments or feedback in my guestbook!

Or dop me an email: christopher.bahn@aol.com

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