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At a Glance

Cobb is a neutered male. He is a 12-year old, orange tabby.
Date of birth (or an estimate): 06-04-2002
Date of diabetes dx: 04-15-2013
Status: Unregulated, on insulin
  • Type: Lantus. He was previously on ProZinc but switched to Lantus when we topped out at 12u BID.
  • Concentration: U100

  • Units per shot: 31 units (no higher than)

  • Shots per day: 2

Oral diabetes medications: None
We hometest BG: Yes
Meter: iPet ReliOn Confirm
We regularly do BG curves: Yes
Hx of complications: None
Current health issues: None
Current medications: None
Past health issues: bladder blockage (had surgery to remove)
Corticosteroid use: Prednisone several years ago after licking his paw raw -- used for maybe a week or two -- 3 or 4 times

Brand Name: Friskies
Formula: Special Diet (Turkey and Giblets flavor)
Consistancy: Canned wet
Amount fed per meal: 1/2 can at shot time, 1/4 can twice during the cycle (usually +3 and +6)
Number of meals/day: 6
How is food given in relation to the insulin shots? Cobb is tested, fed and shot within 5 minutes of each other
We use Janet and Binky(GA)'s foodcharts: Unaware

Civilians and Other FurKids

About Suzanne
Married with a 1-year-old son
Location: Georgia

End Notes
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