Cobb County Masonic Memorial Club

organized by

W/Bro. Harry C. Chandler, P.M. (1959) (Deceased)

Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge No. 721 F. & A.M. Marietta, Georgia


W/Bro. Glenn H. Dailey, P.M. (1956) (Deceased)

Latham Lodge No. 12 F. & A.M. Austell, Georgia





Section 1. The name of this organization shall be: COBB COUNTY MASONIC MEMORIAL CLUB.

Section 2. The said named Club (unincorporated) is sponsored by: Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge No. 721 F. & A.M. of Marietta, Georgia.

Section 3. This organization is a voluntary Club (unin­corporated) of members of Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge No. 721, F. & A.M. of Marietta, Georgia and members in good standing of other various regular Masonic Lodges, who desire to lend their efforts in carrying on its benevolent purpose, and accepted at a regular meeting of the Club.


Section 1. Purpose: To Conduct Graveside Last Rites of deceased Brother Masons of Cobb County and for other various lodges, when requested to do so by those in authority. To act as honorary escorts, pallbearers, and in any other capacity which may be of consolation to the family of a Brother Mason.


Section 1. Officers: The officers of this Club shall be:

· President

· Vice President

· Secretary-Treasurer

· Chaplain

· Director of Work

· Asst. Director of Work

The President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Club on the second Wednesday in December. The Chaplain, Director of Work and Asst. Director of Work shall be appointed by the Presi­dent when he assumes office, and shall serve during his tenure.


Section 1. Meetings: The regular meetings of this Club shall be on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month except second Wednesday only in October and December, at 2:00 P.M. and shall close at 3:30 P.M. (Note: Should a funeral occur on a regular meeting day, in which our par­ticipation in the same shall conflict with our regular meeting hour, the meeting may be held next day, Thursday, at same hour, and if it should be interfered with by same cir­cumstance, then it may be held next day, Friday, at same hour.) Special meetings may be called by the President at any time for conducting of Graveside Rites, or any other purpose within the framework of the By-Laws of this Club. In the absence of the President, such meeting may be called by the Vice President, and should both be absent, by the Secretary-Treasurer. Such meeting shall be for a stated purpose only.

Section 2. Quorum: Six members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the regular business of the Club, but all special business, unless of an emergency nature, shall be carried to the next regular meeting.


Section 1. Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer: The Secretary-Treasurer shall record the proceedings of the meetings, collect all monies due the Club, keep a just and true account of the same, and pay them out on order of the Club. He shall render a report at each annual meeting, and have present at the meeting all books, vouchers and receipts which relate to the Business of the Club.


Section 1. This Club shall at all times be governed by the By-Laws of Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge No. 721, F. & A.M. and the Code of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, F. & A.M. and the Edicts of the Most Worshipful Grand Master, which at all times must be obeyed.


Section 1. Religion and politics shall not be discussed during a meeting of the Club, but the subject matter shall be confined to only that which pertains to the purposes for which this Club was formed.


Section 1. The order of business at all regular meetings shall be as follows:

· Invocation and Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting

· Communications

· Sickness and Distress

· Motions and Resolutions

· New Members (Introductions)

· Good of the Club


Section 1. Amendments: No repeal, amendment or alteration of these By-Laws shall be considered unless such repeal, alteration or amendment has been presented at a regular meeting of the Club, carried over to the next regular meeting where free and open discussion shall be allowed, after which two-thirds of the members present and voting shall be necessary for the adoption of such change

Clarence H. McCollum, P.M. -176, P.M. -686, P.M. -33

Johnnie B. Lacy, P.M. -176

Bennett E. Martin, P.M. -153

Committee on By-Laws

(Revised 4-10-85)