What is the Cobb County Low Twelve Club
and How do I Join?

The Cobb County Masonic Low Twelve Club is a benefit organization for Master Masons.

The organization's purpose is to render financial aid and assistance to the beneficiary(s) upon the death of a member.

Eligibility only requires that you are a Master Mason in good standing with any Masonic Lodge in the Cobb County Masonic Convention or any Master Mason residing in Cobb County who is in good standing with a regular lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Georgia, Free and Accepted Masons; and that you are in good health at the time of applying for membership.
The initial fee for membership is ten dollars ($10), five dollars ($5) for initiation and five ($5) for four (4) advance assessments. Additional assessments may be paid in advance if so desired.

Minutes of
where the following were elected Officers.....

President  Dick Cunningham
 Samuel Lawrence #721
Vice-President Cabot Rohrer
Meyerhardt #314 
Secretary/Treasurer  Dana Schwarz
Samuel Lawrence #721 
Chaplain Doyle Martin Samuel Lawrence #721


The Cobb County Low Twelve Club meets annually at 
Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721 F&AM
1362 Sandtown Road SW
Marietta, GA 30008

Next ANNUAL Meeting
Saturday Feb 9, 2019
at Samuel S Lawrence #721

Election of Officers
Status of Investments
By-Laws changes

Recent meetings....

Officers and Committee Chairmen
at Samuel S Lawrence #721
Wednesday Dec 5, 2018

Purpose:  To have any update reports from committees (by-laws, membership, etc.) and up-to-date reports from the Secretary-Treas to include membership numbers, member status for all members (current or delinquent), the latest report on investment fund at Edward Jones and up-to-date income and expense reports.

See You there,
-- Dick Cunningham, Pres

April 4, 2018 Meeting
Finance Committee 
Recommended putting more into Investments rather than Cash
Recommended going to a "Managed Account"
ByLaws Committee
Will present numerous changes to be
Voted on in February 2019
(more to follow)
Membership Committee
One Ambassador in each lodge
We provide a list of members to each
Secretary checks deaths against the list


Brother Masons:

The death benefit to your wife or designated beneficiary is $1 per Low Twelve member
plus $10 per year for each year you are a member. 

This benefit is hand-delivered to your beneficiary in order to ease the burden of the expenses incurred upon your death.

How is this possible?
An assessment in the amount of $1.25 is levied against each member upon the death of a member. The assessment shall be distributed as follows:  $1 to the beneficiary of the deceased member and $.25 to be used for operation expenses of the club. In addition to the $1.00 per member, the Beneficiary receives $10 for each year the deceased was a member of the club. 

Example of benefits computation for a 25-year member

        #of active members at death     471   $  1.00  = $471
                           Years of Service       25   $10.00  = $250
      Unused prepaid Assessments       56   $  1.25  = $  70 
             PAID TO BENEFICIARY                           = $791