What is the Low Twelve Club
and How do I Join?

The Cobb County Masonic Low Twelve Club is a benefit organization for Master Masons.

The organization's purpose is to render financial aid and assistance to the beneficiary(s) upon the death of a member.

Eligibility only requires that you are a Master Mason in good standing with any Masonic Lodge in the Cobb County Masonic Convention or any Master Mason residing in Cobb County who is in good standing with a regular lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Georgia, Free and Accepted Masons; and that you are in good health at the time of applying for membership.
The initial fee for membership is only sixteen dollars ($16), ten dollars ($10) for initiation and six ($6) for four (4) advance assessments (of $1.50 each). Additional assessments may be paid in advance if so desired.

Minutes of
where the following were elected Officers.....

President  Dick Cunningham
 Samuel Lawrence #721
Vice-President Cabot Rohrer
Meyerhardt #314 
Treasurer  Lee EnglishMableton #171 
Secretary Mike Pappafotis  Nelms #323
Chaplain Doyle Martin Samuel Lawrence #721

And the Membership Committee was appointed:
Jim Moore
Russell McDaniel
Doyle Martin
Mike Pappafotis


Past Presidents

Johnnie B. Lacy
Millard E. Parsons
Richard V. Bloedow
Rex D. Chilton
Dwight C Swanson

Past Secretary/Treasurer

Johnnie B. Lacy
Edwin S. King
Bennett E. Martin
William T. Bowen
Dana Schwarz

The Cobb County Low Twelve Club meets at 
Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721 F&AM
1362 Sandtown Road SW
Marietta, GA 30008

Semi-Annual General Meeting
Saturday July 20, 11:00am
at Samuel Lawrence #721

      • General Business
      • 1 By-Laws change
      • Financial Status Report
      • Status of the Club
      • Round-Table Discussions
Our Treasurer, Lee English, wasl not able to attend due to a recent surgery. Please keep Lee and wife Donna in your prayers for a complete recovery!

The previous Annual Meeting
was held
Saturday Feb 9, 2019
at Samuel S Lawrence #721

We had extensive By-Laws changes,
Elected new Officers,
and received reports on Finances
and Investments

We had 34 Members in attendance 
with all 10 Cobb County Lodges represented!

Recent meetings....

Officers and Committee Chairmen
at Samuel S Lawrence #721
Wednesday Jun 12, 2019

Purpose:  2019 in Review. Preparation for Semi-Annual meeting coming up in July

at Samuel S Lawrence #721
Wednesday Dec 5, 2018

Purpose:  To have any update reports from committees (by-laws, membership, etc.) and up-to-date reports from the Secretary-Treas to include membership numbers, member status for all members (current or delinquent), the latest report on investment fund at Edward Jones and up-to-date income and expense reports.

See You there,
-- Dick Cunningham, Pres

April 4, 2018 Meeting
Finance Committee 
Recommended putting more into Investments rather than Cash
Recommended going to a "Managed Account"
ByLaws Committee
Will present numerous changes to be
Voted on in February 2019
(more to follow)
Membership Committee
One Ambassador in each lodge
We provide a list of members to each
Secretary checks deaths against the list



Cobb County Masonic Low Twelve Club
P.O. BOX 873
Kennesaw, GA  30156
(770) 617-6119

Brother Masons:

The death benefit to your wife or designated beneficiary is $1 per Low Twelve member
plus $10 per year for each year you are a member
plus the return of any unused prepaid assessments. 

This benefit is hand-delivered to your beneficiary in order to ease the burden of the expenses incurred upon your death.

How is this possible?
An assessment in the amount of $1.50 is levied against each member upon the death of a member. The assessment shall be distributed as follows:  $1 to the beneficiary of the deceased member and $.50 to be used for operation expenses of the club. In addition to the $1.00 per member, the Beneficiary receives $10 for each year the deceased was a member of the club. 

Example of benefits computation for a 25-year member

        #of active members at death     371   $  1.00  = $ 371
                           Years of Service       25    $10.00  = $ 250
      Unused prepaid Assessments                              $   22 
             PAID TO BENEFICIARY                           = $ 643



Latham #12                         James Landrum  

Kennesaw #33                    Jerry Hester        

Springville #153                 Mike Sampsell     

Mableton #171                    Lee English                

Acworth #176                     Jamie Watkins         

Meyerhardt #314                Cabot Rohrer          

Nelms #323                         Jim Moore                 

Battle Hill #523                   Tim Bettis                 

Samuel Lawrence #721     Bill English              

James E Sledge #742        Dick Cunningham