Recommended Reading with Reviews

The following books have been a tremendous help to me (Sherry) in my growth as a Christ Follower.  I can truly say that they have all been life changers for me and I highly recommend each and every one of them:
The  Bible by God
          My favorite book of all time; The Bible has shown me the true character of God, what He wants to do for me and what He wants me to do for Him.    My favorite
       version is the New International Version (NIV).    
The Beginners Guide To Spiritual Warfare by Neil T. Anderson and Timothy M. Warner
       A very foundational book, The Beginners Guide To Spiritual Warfare teaches that all spiritual warfare begins with the battle for our minds and gives us tools on
     how to win that battle.         
Spiritual Warfare by Timothy M. Warner
        Expanding on his previous book, The Beginners Guide To Spiritual Warfare, this book, Spiritual Warfare digs deepers into spirutual warfare and encourages the                  reader to be victorious over it all, through what Jesus did for us on the cross.
When The Enemy Strikes by Dr. Charles Stanley
        Dr. Stanley teaches how to stand firm when under attack from the enemy in When The Enemy Strikes, using all the weapons God has given his people.
Search For Significance, Seeing Your True Worth Through God's Eyes by Robert S. McGee
     This best-seller, Search For Significancehelps the reader learn how to be free to enjoy Christ's love, while no longer basing self-worth on accomplishments or other's opinions.        
Spirit Controlled Temperment by Tim LaHaye
        Learn about the temperment God created you with in Spirit Controlled Temperment and how to allow the Holy Spirit to control that temperment, so that your life will bring glory to God.
Experiencing God (Bible Study) by Henry and Richard Blackaby
        With millions of copies sold nationwide, this Bible study is based on seven Scriptural realities that teach how to develop a true relationship with the Creator.
These Books and DVDs on Native American History are written from a Christian perspective and have greatly impacted my life and ministry:
Sign Language by Terry Wildman
            Terry introduces readers in Sign Language to the shameful legacy of American national genocidal history against Native Americans, the first inhabitants of the land.           He issues a call to Christians everywhere to respond to this enduring injustice with mercy, repentance, forgiveness and love.
Whiteman's Gospel by Craig Smith
           The evangelical church of North America has been a leader in sending missionaries to the ends of the earth.  At the same time, it has floundered miserably in
         its attempts to build bridges of understanding to the Native Americans who live among us and who have suffered injustice at our hands.  Written by a Believer who             functions in an Anglo and Native world, Whiteman's Gospel is written with gentleness and kindness that will open doors of understanding between cultures and will             win your heart.
 Healing America's Wounds by John Dawson
            John Dawson masterfully weaves together biblical solutions in Healing America's Wounds showing us that we must learn about one another as well as love one                 another, accepting that we are all equal - but not identical - in Christ and that Native American Christians are a needed and significantl part of the Church today.
In The Whiteman's Image, The Tragic Attempt To "Civilize Native Americans In The 1870s (DVD)
            Featuring interviews with historians and Native Americans who experienced the "Boarding School Experiment", In The Whiteman's Image tells the sttory of a                     humanist experiement gone bad and its consequences for a generation of Native people.