Encouragement Trip Reports

The Encourage One Another Board of Directors took an Encouragement trip to the Navajo Reservation. The trip consisted of 6 days and 5 nights traveling to six different locations, encouraging over 50 Christian Natives/missionaries.  Following are highlights of the trip:
  • Prayer - The 5 ladies from the Board prayed over every ministry and its staff that we visited.  Comments from the prayer time were:  "So powerful", "Thank You!"," I definitely felt the power of the Holy Spirit", "I've been prayed over before but never felt the Holy Spirit like I just did.
  • Prayer Requests - Everyone the Board ladies spoke with was asked the question, "How can we pray for you?"  The prayer requests that were shared were all written down and prayed over.
  • Sharing - The Board ladies were good listeners and hear all about the Native/missionaries struggles, joys, heartaches, plans, disappointments, funerals, hopes for the future.
  • Homeless ministry - the Board ladies were able to spend a morning ministering to the homeless by listening, praying with them and giving them a pack of essentials (soap, toothpaste, food, etc.).
  • Eating - Most of the visits included sharing encouragement over a meal.  It is amazing how much is accomplished while eating!  This sweet time of Food Fellowship went a long way in encouraging to "Keep walking with Jesus".

The Board ladies learned much, shared much, prayed much and poured Jesus into everyone they met.  It was truly a "God trip"!  Upon returning home, one of the ladies said, "I asked God to do something Big for me on the trip and He did.  After the trip God told me to 'Have more courage' in my walk with Him."

Four of the EOAI Board ladies encourage a Navajo missionary.Four of the EOAI Board ladies encourage a Native friend.

Four of the EOAI Board ladies encourage a Native missionary.