Encouragement Testimonials

Following are testimonies from Native Christians and Native missionaries who have been encouraged by the ministry of Encourage One Another:
"I love to wrap up in my Encouragement Blanket.  When I look at the verse, 'I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength'  Philippians 4:13, I am so encouraged to keep following Jesus."

"I have been prayed over before but have never felt the power of the Holy Spirit like I just did when the EOAI Board of Directors prayed over me."

"Thank you for the encouragement, I always feel encouraged in my walk with the Lord when you come."

"I don't get away from ministry much so I love it when you come and we hang out together.  I need the time away and am so thankful for EOAI."

"Thank you so much for your sweet hospitality and for loving on us this week.  What a blessing!  We feel much more prepared for our summer ministry after a wonderful week of rest.  God Bless You!"
"Thank you so much!  I loved being with you all.  I missed this and needed it.  I love you so much and God Bless!"
"We have had a wonderful time here.  You have been a great host and have been such a great inspiration to both of us with your love of the people and your love of Christ.  As a long time friend, it was such a fun time to reminisce of the past and talk about the present and what God has for you in the future.  We will add this ministry to our prayers and stay in touch on how God is moving in your life.  Many Blessings.  Your Brother and Sister in Christ."
"Thank you for your hospitality.  We so appreciated a place to stop." 
"You have a very beautiful home and we love to stay here.  God bless you and your family.  P.S.  We love your family room and the fan on the ceiling."
"I want you to know how much I appreciate your encouragement.  Thank you for all the things you do for our staff.  I really did appreciate our recent luncheon, the encouraging conversation and the lovely little plaques.  Keep up the good work and remember to keep us in prayer as we enter this busy season of camp."
"It was good to see you.   I wanted to say thank you again for purchasing our pizza and salad.   Thank you for the influence you are to my children, too.   Do you know how much of a comfort it is to me that we have a friend in you?   It isn't a mistake that we've been able to keep connected and that you live close to the house that we have responsibility for.   I feel like God is preparing the way for us, with answered prayer already in the case of that house: the insurance company is going to give us a small settlement on the water-damaged cabinets.   So, God is already there ahead of me--remodeling that kitchen!!   I'm grateful to the Lord--He is so faithful, despite my weak, wavering faith.  You know that we wholeheartedly support your ministry!   Love ya!"
"Thanks again for having me join you in ministry.  My heart and eyes were opened.  It was a blessing to see what you do.  Now I can pray knowingly.  May God continue to use you to reach others for Him.  Lets get together soon!"
Thank you, you are wonderful to have as a friend.....always encouraging."
Thank you for inviting me here to your home.  No one shows hospitality to us (Natives) like this.  I didn't think I would ever laugh again but I have laughed every day I have been at your house.  Thank you!

Thank you for your hospitality.  I am so relaxed, like I have been here an entire month and not just three days.  As a missionary I need time to get away.